Five Month Anniversary


Age: 5 months
Weight: 15.14 lbs

Milestones: I love saying, “Mama,” and occasionally I’ll direct that word to the lady that’s always around. They say I’m less of a ‘cork in the water’ bobbing around with my head. I’ll grab things that people shove in my face, and I figured out my name. Must they say it all.the.time? Mom keeps complaining that I’m getting kind of heavy.
Best Moment: Made my first big land purchase, Ryder Island. It’s tropical and I eat the butterflies. My island lets me jump around and get off my melon.
Worst Moment: When dad told everyone at a party that I pooped my pants. Mom did her best to make my quick-change into a new outfit discreet.
Eating: Milktinis, milkadillas, milkcakes. Poppin bottles! I’ve learned to enjoy a bottle. Mom calls it the “Express Bottle.” Whatever. I’m still getting good ol’ milky milk; haven’t had too much formula lately. Mom’s finally got this whole system worked out. These people have been trying to feed me things on spoons that sound like airplanes. What is that about? I sometimes get my paci dipped in delicious, delicious beverages. I like to nosh on bananas and other fruit they let me get my hands on. I’m tired of eyeing their food! I’m ready.
Notables: I now have to be strapped into my favorite toys. My freedom is slipping away. Mom keeps asking me if I can say “USA” but I’m not sure what’s going on. I find a lot of things funny; giggling at these crazy parents is my fave.

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So much I want to tell you, and nowhere to begin.

My brother once asked me if I thought that my ambiguous postings made me feel cool.

I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley.

I go back and forth with how much I want to share and post, and that might be the reason that a lot of this blog doesn’t make sense. My words, my rules. Let’s be honest, it’s best to read this crapola when you’re waiting in line, bored to tears.

There has been a ton going on lately, which is why I’ve been posting more pretty pictures than words, and I guess now is a good of time as ever to spill it.

[I tried a few jokes here about quitting jobs and travelling across Europe, but I’ll be serious for once.]

Things are about to get bat sh*t crazy. When Ryder and I came back into the country we had the pleasure of meeting with the Department of Immigration. Nothing like being up for 24+ hours and having to answer questions about your munchkin’s passport.

Note to self – immigration doesn’t appreciate humour. Ryder’s second passport stamp included a special message:


So, there’s that.

You have questions? I have questions. It’s a mess and we’ve been dealing with visa people and the Embassy. I knew we should have gone with American Express.

The inevitable timeline of moving to the states moved up when I flew back with Rye. Dramatically, fair to say.

It’s no surprise to those close to me know that I have been looking forward to coming back to the states – eventually. Understand that in order to move back to the U.S., it is a lot of time and work (and did I mention expensive?). Add a baby to the mix, and this beautiful European vacation has changed. It’s something we’ve had to think about.

It’s a heavy decision that has taken many turns and different directions. Many late(r) nights, many glasses of wine. Loads of prayer. I know my friends and even my family question what we are doing, including living abroad. Andrew and I have lived in multiple cities, and it’s hard to explain to anyone the experience of living away from close friends and family unless they have done the same. Every move we make is as a couple and now a family. I’m fairly opinionated and trust me, I’ll voice my concerns. I’m surprised Andrew hasn’t been knighted.

You have to weigh the whole of a situation, and it can often be daunting. As parents, suddenly you are acutely aware of making sure you aren’t doing anything screw up your kid. Please law don’t let me mess up my kid!

The next journey is sure to be as exciting as the last, and I will embrace all the changes it comes with. We do love our lil illegal alien.

And this is where the Back to the Future “to be continued’ image comes flying through.


Four Month Anniversary


Age: 4 months
Weight: 14 (ish) lbs

Milestones: There were tons this month. Teething started a few weeks ago, and the past two weeks have seen the most noticeable changes since he was born. We found our big smile and giggle. Hard to beat the sound of a babe laughing. Hello, feet! He likes to sit up on his own perched against something. Holding that heavy melon up. Putting weight on his chunky legs. Close to mastering the roll over.
Best Moment: Finally having him meet more of his family and friends.
Worst Moment: Schlepping him internationally and putting up with jet lag. Our sleep schedule is an absolute mess.
Eating: Milkshakes. I made it 4 months exclusive and it’s time to bring in the reserves. Formula! I like to think of it as a daily multivitamin he gets before bed.
Notables: The family seems to think he slipped out a “mama.” We all heard it and I wasn’t too fussed until I saw everyone else’s reaction. Still think, too soon.

He’s now an international traveler.

Attended his first Georgia game.

Learned how to fall asleep anywhere.

Carted around Target.

Got a touch of an itty bitty tan.

Side sleeper.





bubbles 2

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Giggling Twinkie from Nichole Mrasek on Vimeo.

Team America

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Jet lag lingers. Double that time with a babe.

Ryder’s first plane ride. First international flight. He didn’t cry once. I still think I’m crazy for doing it. Sat in my lap the whole 10 hours.

Sharing our joy with everyone for the first time is emotional. Their faces are priceless. Glad I’m able to finally show off our fantastic man. He certainly isn’t getting any smaller. Wish dad was here to celebrate.

Thank you spring weather! Going outside without layering up is amazing. My translucent skin can use all the UV it can get. Ryder’s melon is another story.

There have been a million first new experiences. He’s become much more animated and vocal. Ryder is also completely off a schedule, which I’m paying for at night.

The Georgia Spring Game almost was worth the trip alone. It made me miss college for the first time. Papa was thrilled to take Rye to his first Georgia game. Ryder loved the marching band.

It’s truly been an outstanding first week home. I am thankful for the family and friends who have gone out of their way to say a simple hello.


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Three Month Anniversary


Age: 3 months
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 13 (ish) lbs

Milestones: Grabby grabberson. Mouth = place where hands should go. This coconut is learning how to use his hands. He’s grabbing on to everything and working those motor skills. We grew out of of “under 3 months” clothing weeks ago.
Best Moment: When he sits up and looks around. Strong neck and head, although he kind of Steve Wonders around a bit, it’s precious. No longer eat, sleep, cry, repeat; Rye can hang out now and must likes to be entertained.
Worst Moment: 12 week jabs, ugh. Realising he’s been ready for a crib. Mum is not ready to kick him out of our room yet. #sadface
Eating: 3 months on glorious breast milk. Can I nominate myself for the Medal of Honor? It’s hard but incredibly rewarding at the same time.
Notables: Sleeping like a champ. This past month it seems he’s grown a ton (more) and developed a stronger personality. He loves to run with me and BOB is a great nanny.

It’s hard to believe but if I was in the states, I’d be going back to work. Something I can’t imagine. I thank every star above to have the opportunity to be home with him. He’s playing with us more and it would be hard to leave him now and miss all the fun stuff we do during the day.

March is proving to be a busy month, but wait until April. I’m working up courage to fly the peanut home. Holy help me.

Now, let me unload the pics I’ve been stuffing on my iPhone.










Two Month Anniversary


Age: 2 months
Height: 23 inches
Weight: 10.13 lbs

Milestones: The coos and smiles are coming more regularly. We’ve found our hands.
Best Moment: Celebrating the many firsts, like Valentine’s Day.
Worst Moment: We started the round of immunizations. A-w-f-u-l. He was upset, fever, the works.
Eating: All the time?
Notables: He loves to be outside and be moving. He is his father’s son. He definitely recognises mum and dad’s voices. Grasping things like crazy; goodbye necklaces.

It’s hard to believe he’s only nine weeks old. At times it feels like we’ve known him much longer. Counting down the days to when he gets to meet the rest of his extended stateside family. I think I can muster up the courage to fly with a newborn soon.

We continue to celebrate and be thankful for each healthy day.







It’s No Italy

The hus buggered off to Italy this week, which meant I was experiencing single momdom. It was more rewarding than I thought. Lots of walks, coffees, and play dates (babies attract other similar infant types). Oh, and that fun first visit to the GP.

Things have/are certainly changing. Your days are different, in good and bad ways. This is the most incredible experience and no matter what I say, unless you are a parent it won’t make sense and I’ll be rambling.

“You should bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before. It doesn’t matter what that is. It doesn’t matter if it’s a table or a film or gardening — everyone should create. You should do something, then sit back and say, “I did that.’” – Ricky Gervais

photo 1

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photo 4

Now go into the weekend and enjoy. Don’t stop believing, unless your dream is stupid. – Journey.

Our Little Americano

Two 3+ hours train rides, 4 tube rides and a few miles by foot, Ryder is now an official US citizen. Whoop. xx








We survived travelling to London with a newborn. And our sweet, sweet friends survived a night with one as well. We had our moments but overall he was a cool customer in the big city. It was incredibly exhausting yet obviously worth it.

The Italian, Canadian and U.S. Embassy are all in the same area. We stood in front of them all and asked Ryder if he was certain he wanted to be American.

The U.S. Embassy doesn’t eff around. I had this whole idea to recreate a Jason Bourne experience and run towards the embassy waving my passport screaming, “I’m a citizen, let me in!” But upon arriving and being scolded by a CIA woman, prolly on her way to capture terrorists, for taking a picture of the embassy and seeing the guards holding M16s, I had a change of heart.







Another fun embassy fact, you can’t bring in anything techy: mobile phones, headphones, car fobs, laptop, etc.

It wasn’t too bad of a wait and everything went smoothly. Best question from the gentleman interviewing us, “Did you have any doubts about little Ryder becoming a U.S. citizen?”

Ummm, now that you mention it. My reaction to his question is probably on some embassy blooper reel.

Ryder’s first trip to America was a success. Still bummed there wasn’t a Chick-fil-A or Target on the premises.