So much I want to tell you, and nowhere to begin.

My brother once asked me if I thought that my ambiguous postings made me feel cool.

I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley.

I go back and forth with how much I want to share and post, and that might be the reason that a lot of this blog doesn’t make sense. My words, my rules. Let’s be honest, it’s best to read this crapola when you’re waiting in line, bored to tears.

There has been a ton going on lately, which is why I’ve been posting more pretty pictures than words, and I guess now is a good of time as ever to spill it.

[I tried a few jokes here about quitting jobs and travelling across Europe, but I’ll be serious for once.]

Things are about to get bat sh*t crazy. When Ryder and I came back into the country we had the pleasure of meeting with the Department of Immigration. Nothing like being up for 24+ hours and having to answer questions about your munchkin’s passport.

Note to self – immigration doesn’t appreciate humour. Ryder’s second passport stamp included a special message:


So, there’s that.

You have questions? I have questions. It’s a mess and we’ve been dealing with visa people and the Embassy. I knew we should have gone with American Express.

The inevitable timeline of moving to the states moved up when I flew back with Rye. Dramatically, fair to say.

It’s no surprise to those close to me know that I have been looking forward to coming back to the states – eventually. Understand that in order to move back to the U.S., it is a lot of time and work (and did I mention expensive?). Add a baby to the mix, and this beautiful European vacation has changed. It’s something we’ve had to think about.

It’s a heavy decision that has taken many turns and different directions. Many late(r) nights, many glasses of wine. Loads of prayer. I know my friends and even my family question what we are doing, including living abroad. Andrew and I have lived in multiple cities, and it’s hard to explain to anyone the experience of living away from close friends and family unless they have done the same. Every move we make is as a couple and now a family. I’m fairly opinionated and trust me, I’ll voice my concerns. I’m surprised Andrew hasn’t been knighted.

You have to weigh the whole of a situation, and it can often be daunting. As parents, suddenly you are acutely aware of making sure you aren’t doing anything screw up your kid. Please law don’t let me mess up my kid!

The next journey is sure to be as exciting as the last, and I will embrace all the changes it comes with. We do love our lil illegal alien.

And this is where the Back to the Future “to be continued’ image comes flying through.




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