Three Month Anniversary


Age: 3 months
Height: 25 inches
Weight: 13 (ish) lbs

Milestones: Grabby grabberson. Mouth = place where hands should go. This coconut is learning how to use his hands. He’s grabbing on to everything and working those motor skills. We grew out of of “under 3 months” clothing weeks ago.
Best Moment: When he sits up and looks around. Strong neck and head, although he kind of Steve Wonders around a bit, it’s precious. No longer eat, sleep, cry, repeat; Rye can hang out now and must likes to be entertained.
Worst Moment: 12 week jabs, ugh. Realising he’s been ready for a crib. Mum is not ready to kick him out of our room yet. #sadface
Eating: 3 months on glorious breast milk. Can I nominate myself for the Medal of Honor? It’s hard but incredibly rewarding at the same time.
Notables: Sleeping like a champ. This past month it seems he’s grown a ton (more) and developed a stronger personality. He loves to run with me and BOB is a great nanny.

It’s hard to believe but if I was in the states, I’d be going back to work. Something I can’t imagine. I thank every star above to have the opportunity to be home with him. He’s playing with us more and it would be hard to leave him now and miss all the fun stuff we do during the day.

March is proving to be a busy month, but wait until April. I’m working up courage to fly the peanut home. Holy help me.

Now, let me unload the pics I’ve been stuffing on my iPhone.












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