The XX

Since it’s Valentine’s week, how about a lovey addition of Lost In Translation.

I learned quickly here that many of my female friends always end emails or texts with X (or xx, or xxx, or xxxx depending on how we’re feeling). I know back home we’re use to the good old fashion xoxo. Here, X is merely being friendly.


And never too late to give a good gift to your sweetheart. Nothing says love like a giant Valentine’s poster.




Lost in Translation

Having my brother and sis-in-law here a few weeks ago reminded me even more of some of the differences between the UK and the USA. I’ll try to do a better job of remembering the sometimes funny, often times confusing, moments.

Me: Do we have air conditioning?

Andrew: What do you think?

Me: I don’t think so, but it’s [going to] getting warmer out.

Andrew: Yep. No air.

Me: But our thermostat has a tiny snowflake on it.

Andrew: Not for air.

Me: Are you sure? Why would they put a snowflake on it then?

Andrew: Do you see where an air conditioning vent could be?

Me: We need to buy a fan.