The Olympic Torch Comes to Shrewsbury

This is big news kidos. The Olympic torch has been marching across the UK over the past few weeks, and yesterday the torch popped into Shrewsbury to say hello. People worked from home, schools kids lined up for miles, all to get a 5 sec glimpse at the Olympic flame as it ran by.

Of course we lined up to see the torch parade, why not. It was a good time, nothing too fancy, but there were some amazing tour buses following and leading the procession.

All for a rather awkward photo of the torch bearer. What kind of wave is that?


Hello Sunshine

The weather the past week has been absolutely glorious! Dare I say, we’re tan. The bonus is that you can get sun from about 10 am all the way to 6 pm. I’ve got some time to fix these funky tan lines.

Weekend included an amazing BBQ with friends, cycling, and just laying out in the beautiful sun.

With the long, almost summer, days it refuses to get dark before 10:00pm and the sun is ready to rock again around 4am. Since we haven’t had a chance to purchase a blackout shade yet, we’ve been forced to sleep in those little masks you typically see people wear on airplanes. Don’t judge.

We are looking forward to a quick week, which includes the Olympic Torch Relay passing through town, so that we can get to the Diamond Jubilee Weekend. Can’t wait to show you how our little town is getting ready for the celebration.

I don’t need your charity. I’ll dance for my money!

Me, Andrew and a bunch of our friends went out this weekend in the name of charity. It was a beautiful gala that raised loads of money for a good cause – and we were all gussied up. I also saw my first black swan. Dear Disney/Sea World – you need some of these!

The weather in Shrewsbury finally got the Spring Memo. You know you haven’t seen sun or felt warm when 70 degrees makes you sweat and people start murmuring there’s a heat wave. I’m serious. This weather would have to hang around for the next 4 months for me to forgive the crappy spring we’ve had to date.

And one friend popped, one friend to go. I am in awe that this FOUR DAY old baby already had time for a photo-shoot. Supermom Lu! I typically don’t understand putting babies in flower pots or on top of dogs, but holy cuteness Batman.

Five for Friday

Took a walk around one of the posh local private boy’s schools in town, not sure why we haven’t done it before. Being on campus definitely made me reminiscence about college. Stunning grounds.

My homemade banana bread is boss. There should be a shortage on bananas in England the way I’ve been baking.

The thought of going home in a month for close friend’s wedding and getting to layout in the HOT sun see family and friends – bliss. I’ve already requested Norak load up on the staples I’m missing. I’m prepared to go a full week on Mexican, Chick-fil-A and Fruity Pebbles. Picture of health.

We’re off Saturday night to a charity masquerade gala. As long as I don’t blend-in with my cream dress I should be alright.

Andrew is signing up for a triathlon, has a mountain biking marathon race in June. And I suddenly need to do something, big.

The Queen’s Speech

Am I boring you all to tears? Sorry if I’ve been somewhat lameorita on the updates, but we’ve been running around and I haven’t had a chance to properly write. So, pardon the dust while we get back to normal – actually engaging – updates.

How about some quintessentially British news to cheer you little biscuits up?

Yesterday marked a yearly tradition of “The Queen’s Speech,” in which your majesty sets out the government’s legislative plans for the next year. Basically, she reads what the government put together. But the ceremony is lovely and full of tradition.

It’s not solely about the speech.

The Telegraph featured amazing coverage and video highlights of the speech. Definitely check out the pomp and circumstance, and the political jab by Labour MP Bolsover:

Steeped in centuries old tradition, the State Opening of Parliament represents is more than just an outline of the Government’s proposed policies, but the primacy of the Commons over the Lords.

The Labour MP for Bolsover adds his own tradition to the Queen’s speech, heckling Black Rod when he commanded MPs to enter the House of Lords.

Still want more royal news? Get a load of Prince Charles and Camilla having a go at being weather presenters – highlarious.

My Tenders

Andrew is exhausted. I’m stuck with allergies. So what do you do on a boring weeknight? Pile up and watch Kung Fu Panda 2. The movies are fantastic and can’t wait for the 3rd instalment! Call me boring, it was just what I needed.