Our Little Americano

Two 3+ hours train rides, 4 tube rides and a few miles by foot, Ryder is now an official US citizen. Whoop. xx








We survived travelling to London with a newborn. And our sweet, sweet friends survived a night with one as well. We had our moments but overall he was a cool customer in the big city. It was incredibly exhausting yet obviously worth it.

The Italian, Canadian and U.S. Embassy are all in the same area. We stood in front of them all and asked Ryder if he was certain he wanted to be American.

The U.S. Embassy doesn’t eff around. I had this whole idea to recreate a Jason Bourne experience and run towards the embassy waving my passport screaming, “I’m a citizen, let me in!” But upon arriving and being scolded by a CIA woman, prolly on her way to capture terrorists, for taking a picture of the embassy and seeing the guards holding M16s, I had a change of heart.







Another fun embassy fact, you can’t bring in anything techy: mobile phones, headphones, car fobs, laptop, etc.

It wasn’t too bad of a wait and everything went smoothly. Best question from the gentleman interviewing us, “Did you have any doubts about little Ryder becoming a U.S. citizen?”

Ummm, now that you mention it. My reaction to his question is probably on some embassy blooper reel.

Ryder’s first trip to America was a success. Still bummed there wasn’t a Chick-fil-A or Target on the premises.



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