Two Month Anniversary


Age: 2 months
Height: 23 inches
Weight: 10.13 lbs

Milestones: The coos and smiles are coming more regularly. We’ve found our hands.
Best Moment: Celebrating the many firsts, like Valentine’s Day.
Worst Moment: We started the round of immunizations. A-w-f-u-l. He was upset, fever, the works.
Eating: All the time?
Notables: He loves to be outside and be moving. He is his father’s son. He definitely recognises mum and dad’s voices. Grasping things like crazy; goodbye necklaces.

It’s hard to believe he’s only nine weeks old. At times it feels like we’ve known him much longer. Counting down the days to when he gets to meet the rest of his extended stateside family. I think I can muster up the courage to fly with a newborn soon.

We continue to celebrate and be thankful for each healthy day.









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