You Gotta Fast Car

For you, Ms Meghan:

Saving you a seat!

So you want the scoop? You’re probably the only person besides Norak that reads this…Let’s start with the basics. The coffee here is not strong. I know, I know. Hope that doesn’t deter your visit. But you end up liking things like cappuccinos, espressos and tea. I love me some proper English tea. And if Starbucks doesn’t bring over the Pumpkin Spice latte they are going to have a tea party on their hands.

Joined a gym this week and I shattered my first spin class, it’s been too long. I thought of you the whole time, how you’d get a kick out of the disco light in the room and euro music. See, I think of you bright and early whilst you are still slumbering.

Living in Shropshire has been amazing, although I haven’t been home much because of all the to-ing and fro-ing to London. Looking forward to a few other things I have planned closer to home. The weather is not nearly as bad as everyone said. Hardly rains, but we may get a few more gloomy days here and there. It’s still unseasonably warm and it makes for absolutely perfect outdoor workout weather. Andrew is trying to get me to mountain bike, no thank you. Trail running, yes please. Dodging sheep is the only issue, I am being serious. It’s funny at first and then you wish Bo Peep would get control of the situation, they just wonder around your trail pooing and baaing.

We’ve made a few great friends already. Bonus that they are our age, thank jeebus. I do miss seeing everyone back home, a bunch. It’s hard to believe we still haven’t been here that long.

And the short list of stupid things:
– Counting coins here still takes me forever, anything under 5 quid comes back in change
– The language here is colourful and I’m trying my best to pick up on the casual talk
– You have to put a pound in a grocery trolley in order to use one in the market; you get the pound back in the end. Guess trolley burgling is a real issue round these parts
– UK loves them some girl and boy bands, luuuhve
– Driving is a workout
– The key to our house looks medieval, it’s also massive and pokes me when I have to run with it.
– I got Andrew to like/watch The X Factor, the US version is actually our fave. Oh, he’s going to kill me for sharing that.

That’s it muffin. See, you ain’t missing much. I DO miss the crap out of you. At our next party I want mustaches on sticks, they go with everything.

Slap your manfriend around for moi.