Oh By The Way…We’re Moving

Want to hear something crazy? This blog turned the big 2 years old yesterday. Two years ago, we announced we were moving to the United Kingdom.


Here we are, almost to the day, announcing we are moving back to the United States!
Minneapolis, here we come! From raindrops to snowflakes.

I owe you a lot of details. I’m getting there. Sorry for being cryptic; the move has taken a lot of turns. Right now we are focused on packing up and moving back over the pond, and it’s taking a lot of energy and time. This blog is going to evolve as well. For now, we’re focused on the move. Looking forward to catching up with family and friends on our stop off in Atlanta – real soon, y’all!



There Is No Plan B

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Or why do gummi bears exist if all they do is stick to my thighs? But those aren’t the big questions. The real question is how am I getting on.

Listen, I love my family and friends. They are my protectors. They are also at times like facing the Spanish Inquisition. I know everyone is curious, and I guess I should be thankful people are asking me at all.

I have been taking stock of what I am doing here whilst the hus fulfills a bit of business. I assure you I’m methodical and take my professional life seriously. Many of you know I’m also cryptic and don’t rattle off anything too personal. I do communications for a living, people judge.

I’m on the precipice of venturing out. I’ve too often been jealous of those who landed a dream job that they didnt have a degree in. You make your own luck. Time to take that bull by the horns, and it’s scary as hell. Norak inadvertently sent me an article yesterday that struck a cord. Take 5 minutes and read it. No seriously, stop reading this blog and go read that article. I’ll wait….

How Successful Leaders View Risk
What’s most important about the highly successful entrepreneurs I studied is that, while they took huge risks, they had no intrinsic love of danger. They were not adrenalin junkies. They wanted to get to safety as fast as possible – and stay there. Their mantra could have been borrowed from the adventure traveler, Robert Young Pelton: “I am not afraid of danger; I am afraid of living miserably.”

On that note, I am running like the wind to safety but will make goals to not settle and find joy in my new job.

What would you risk for a healthy work/life balance?