And Then They Go & Do Something Like This

Bontrager Twentyfour12 is an endurance Mountain Bike Race around a course of approximately 12-14km, entirely off road. As the name suggests there are multiple races taking place at the same time on the same course a 24hour race, a 12hour one starting at midday and another 12 hour one at Midnight- the Torchbearer12. The venue offers space and facilities for camping, all on site. The venue is perhaps England’s finest with beautiful scenery, a flat arena/camping area complimented by a course that has been host to five rounds of the Cross Country World Cup in the 1990s and continues to have a superb reputation for variety and fun riding.

Me, nervous? Why would I ever?

Be supportive. B-E Supportive. And no, my *Buddha Belly and I are not ready to go schlep it to a campsite with a bunch of dudes on race testosterone.

*nickname given to me by Roo, which I deem too early to be getting this kind of crap.


You Are Your Own Obstacle. Get Over It.

This weekend did not fail to disappoint. Andrew and I tackled a climb at Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, Wales — a quick drive from our place in Shrewsbury. I give a full run down over at Live for the Run, complete with an epic rescue video.

I knew that the climb would be difficult but had I done my homework I might not have done it at all. We trekked Crib Goch, a section notorious for being difficult even for the pros:
The classic traverse of Crib Goch from East to West leads up from the Pyg track to a “bad step” where hands and feet are both needed briefly. It is followed by ascent to the arête, before tackling three rock-pinnacles to a grassy col at Bwlch Coch. This first part of the ridge is exposed with precipices below, having resulted in several fatalities, even of experienced mountaineers;the Snowdonia National Park Authority describe it as “not a mountain for the inexperienced”.

Yea, that’s putting it lightly. I pushed my comfort zone and tested Andrew’s patience with me. Does he have to make even climbing a mountain look easy? The hike took around 4 hours and I think I am still on a high from the day. I cannot put into words the views, and pictures don’t give the perspective of the height or sheer beauty of the area.

This wasn’t like hiking your local mountain (sorry Kennesaw), this was professional stuff. We met a photographer for National Geographic and multiple outdoor experts throughout the day on the path — pretty cool, until you realise you have no business being with them.

What may have saved the day, quite literally, was seeing an actual Royal Air Force rescue. I felt like I was in the middle of an episode of MacGyver. The Prince of Wales is based a few miles from the mountain and we can almost guarantee he was in the helicopter. Andrew was under the “Sea King” filming it all, whilst I was laying down a few feet behind him. The wind from the blades pushed you around and I was shaking the whole time.

I initially thought I would never do this again, but reflecting back I think I might be up for the challenge. Only because I now know how to be more smart about climbing. The weather would have to be perfect. There is no way that I would go up in cloudy or windy weather.

There is still much more of Snowdonia National Park to explore, and easier paths to take. We are fortunate that this is right in our backyard. We will definitely be back soon.

How was your weekend? Anybody reach new heights?

You Don’t Stop When You See The Finish Line

Indian summer is here. The only bummer right now is that we are losing daylight, quick. Gets dark now around 7:30 and my sunrise is now up after me. Lazy. The seasons and time change means I need one too. Right?! More changes, mwhahaha.

Let’s see, how many blogs have I had?! This one, oh and that one, and then the big one before this one. Running and athletics consumed my life not too long ago and I was engrossed in all things Athletic Barbie. When your routine turns absolutely upside down it takes time to revert back into what were once habits. I remember before we moved thinking how much free time I’d have to workout whenever I wanted, pffft. You’d be surprised where the time goes.

I was so exhausted and walking all over creation that I was cautious of doing something just to do it (sorry Nike, but I do see your point). I wanted to say I need to run. It’s taken time, since my marathon in particular, but I’m excited again about paths and trails. I finally worked running back into my mornings, thanking London for the paths and great weather.

Running our neighbourhood river is a hard path to grow old of. We have plans to join the gym, can only fight daylight savings for so long.

You learn your surroundings by exploring. Alas, we’ll see where I run off to next.

To me the outdoors is where the car is.

This was one of our most wicked weekends since moving to England. Date night/no hate night was a good way to kick off the weekend. Delish dinner and stupid movie, done and done.

Saturday Andrew schlepped took me to one of his fave mountain biking trails for a hike — Church Stretton. I was suspect at first, but the views and wildlife were surreal. We spent a few hours hiking and running down sheep. I have no idea why they don’t want to be petted:(

Damn good sheep.

So that was our tailgate. When in England…

I wore my Georgia gameday shirt out Saturday afternoon and I quickly realised I am more likely to be taken for a fan of Georgia, the country, rugby than UGA.

Thanks to the beauty of technology, we were able to tune in to the noon game, prime evening game here. I missed everything from the silver britches to the Chick-fil-a commercials.

We whipped out the BBQ for the first time and it did not disappoint. Was the first time being in our new place, just us, for a weekend and it felt like old times. Relaxing!!

The weather was seasonably warm, making for a perfect Sunday funday on the river stopping by a few of our fave pubs. And my Sunday routine continued with a LONG trip back to London.

Ready for October! Especially when my bro sends pics of his house already decorated for Halloween. Mwhaha. Let me reiterate, send candy and decorations, Andrew is beginning to put up a fight…