Photo of the Week

photo 3

It’s almost December. Our little town is pretty special this time of year. Lights, tiny Christmas trees, sprinkled throughout town centre.

Happy holidays!


Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.

I’m 9 months and bat sh*t stir crazy. Of all the advice I’ve heard I don’t remember once hearing anyone say how hard the last weeks are because you’re anxious, not achy. I’ve learned to ignore and press on with the pains and quirks my body is putting me through, but I’m tired of wondering when.


I still don’t think we’ve come down from all the holiday excitement over the weekend.

Not even a pizza party could distract me. We were thanked for ordering way too much pizza and invited to our favourite local parlor for their one-year birthday pizza party. The pizza dude is straight off the boat from Italy. Tutto bene.

And since I’m not going home for Christmas (I don’t want to talk about it), online shopping has been an adventure. I actually enjoy it. I don’t get distracted like I would shopping in store by other things I think people might like, causing me to overspend. But I do find that I can waste some serious time debating and looking for the perfect gift.

I’m trying to make the house festive, but seeing as though we don’t have a lot of storage the Grinch Andrew has put me on holiday probation from decorating the house like Hallmark. Forget about finding cute Christmas “stockings” in this country. It’s a pain.

We are getting a REAL tree and I’ve already got the fakey up in the nursery. Might as well be festive where I’ll be spending most of my time.

The Most Celebrations Squeezed Into One Weekend

Proper Disney World tired today. We kicked off the weekend with a friends 90s themed fancy dress birthday bash. Roo went as one of the dudes from Men in Black, and I went as 9 months prego. I have 1. Never seen so many spice girls costumes in one place 2. Been asked if I was really pregnant.

I was right depressed on Thursday seeing everyone’s yummy Thanksgiving celebrations back in the states. On Saturday we more than made up for it. Our 2nd Annual Euro Thanksgiving was a massive success. This year we knew what we were doing. The food was amazefest. Big ol’ 17 pounder turkey and all the fixings, which included a British twist. Go on and Google Yorkshire Puddings. I loved feeding everyone Libby’s pumpkin pie for the first time. Norak’s Sweet Potato Casserole was the favourite dish of the night, two year’s running. We stuffed ourselves.

We celebrated Sunday Funday with a baby shower for Baby M. It was absolutely lovely. A tea party theme with a Christmas twist. More biscuits and nibbles. Did I mention how much we ate this weekend? It was beyond thoughtful of my friends, as baby showers are not very common on this side if the pond. It’s also quite crazy to think how quickly our lives are about to change.

This week should fly by again with more parties and holiday celebrations. I’ll take anything that keeps me busy.

31 Days Til Christmas…And That Other Thing

Shrewsbury town centre Christmas Cracker festivities were this week, marking the official start to the holiday season. The town’s “festive lights” were switched on.

The celebration included the Mayor of Shrewsbury, the Town Crier, Martin Wood, who lead the parade of lanterns as part event. I finally met the 7’2 Town Crier. Big friendly giant. The nicest guy. You hear and see him coming miles away and he’s been the Shrewsbury Crier for 27 years.

(yes, that’s an official Gryffindor Harry Potter scarf – it actually keeps me warm)

This weekend we’ll be getting our Thanksgiving on – hoorah! 90s theme birthday bash and another lil surprise.

Happy Thanksgiving – On My Mind

You’re there. I’m here. Of course I miss my family, even more today than others.

I am going to stream the Thanksgiving Day parade. 90% of it is rubbish, but it’s not Thanksgiving until it comes on. You have wait until Santa shows up at the end, uh classic.

I try to celebrate even more being away from the states. Overcompensating I guess.

Andrew and I are having a mini Turkey Day and then the big Euro Thanksgiving this weekend.

Happy thanksgiving! And remember to count those blessings.

35 Weeks – Did I catch a niner?

We are now somewhere between 34 and 36 weeks. I think this thing “got real” shortly after 33 weeks. My body is officially ready for the final countdown.

How far into this thing? 35 weeks
Maternity Clothes? Mmhmm. I kept some old clothes and am stretching them out. Roo’s shirts are SO comfy. I have also grown fond of patterned tights.
Stretch marks? No. How, genetics? Seriously, I can’t stretch any farther!
Best moment this week? Still being prego. We’ve had some moments and I’m glad that Ram is hanging in there a few more weeks.
Miss anything?  Running. I walk Indy and when people pass by it absolutely crushes me. I just want to chase after them.
Movement? One word: hiccups. It is insane how often this kiddo gets the hiccups. Feels like I am carrying a Mexican jumping bean.
Food cravings? Oranges. I cannot eat enough fresh oranges.
Belly Button in or out? In, but definitely flat.
Workouts? Toni Braxton/Taylor Hicks, back pain, count me out. I’ve been grounded. It sucks, but what’s a few weeks in the long run? Get it?? A wise friend said the less I do now, the more I can do later.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Hapoody.
Looking forward to? Christmas. Because I have a good feeling we’ll be parents by then.

Listen, I’ve talked a good game, but the last two weeks have been rough. We had our first hospital visit and I’ve had some appointments last longer than they should. The tricky stage of pregnancy is 34 – 37 weeks. Every pain has you guessing. I have been super uncomfortable and have phoned every girlfriend with a babe and asked, “Is [insert problem] normal?” I had such an easy pregnancy up to this point and I’m caught off guard. Toni Braxton is kicking my a**.

On to happier news. We are ready. I am anxious about the arrival and I know every time I call the hus he’s thinking, “Is this it?” The nursery is amazeballs. It kind of came together on its own. Although he’ll be spending more time in our room for the first few weeks, we have a nice lounge area to hangout.

I’m off to go make one of those paper chain thingys to help me countdown these last few days!!

Quite the American Weekend

The last movie I saw in the cinema was “The Muppets.” #sad Friday night we had a date night/no hate night and saw “Skyfall.” No way was I missing Daniel Craig on the big screen, mmmm. Brilliant Bond flick, definitely one of my favourites.

You can’t take us anywhere.

Saturday we continued our uber American festivities by heading to a bueno Mexican chain establishment and outlet shopping. Yes, “outlets.” A proper outlet mall! It felt like I was dropped off in the middle of Orlando.

And here’s when you know not to order Mexican at a Mexican restaurant. When they serve you popcorn instead of chips when you sit down:

Then, for the grand finale we hit up Costco. We have known Costcos were in the UK but haven’t felt the need to shop at one. Our house isn’t exactly equipped for bulk buying. Andrew wasn’t even out of the car in the Costco parking lot when he shouted, “Even the parking spaces are American.” Meaning they are big enough to actually open the car door and get out of the vehicle normally. EU spaces are teeny tiny. You couldn’t smack the smile off his face. And we went aisle-by-aisle through the store. It was an exact American replica. Complete with samples and the cheap pizza and yogurt food bar. It was great finding some of our favourite staples, but I wasn’t able to complete my sell to Andrew about needing 60 frozen waffles. I haven’t seen 1 waffle(s) in ages. I have needs too.

Sunday we were prepping the guest room for actual guests and plotting our Euro Thanksgiving menu. We are knackered.

This week will be one zebra shy of a zoo with the town lighting festival, birthday celebrations, holiday shopping, and baking/cooking for Turkey day.

He Says – He Means

I would like to thank my husband. He’s put up with this bag o’ crazy for almost 9 months.

Says: Trust me, the name is perfect.
Means: For the love of all that is holy, quit looking at baby name books and message boards, or we’ll call him Junior.

Says: It’s OK I’ll run out to the store later.
Means: I wrote you a grocery list and called while you were at the store. How did you forget?

Says: I’ll buy you as many diapers as you want.
Means: What the h*ll will it take to make you quit looking at that to-do list?

Says: I’m so sorry that you’re not comfortable.
Means: Hello, you’re pregnant. We know. You’re in pain. Move on.

Says: How old does a baby have to be to go hiking?
Means: I’m ready for this kid to be my playmate.

Says: Look at that belly.
Means: Sweet mother, it gets bigger every day.

Says: Let’s get some new cookbooks.
Means: Since we won’t be dining out, better get you on the cooking front.