We’re Moving to Wales

You probably have a few questions like, “Why?” “What are you thinking?” “Are you excited?” “Are you sad?”

The truth, honestly couldn’t get over Royal Wedding fever. Bah!

Let’s pump the brakes and start from the beginning.

Two years ago we sat in our cozy townhouse in Michigan and decided that it was time for Andrew to quit his job and go back to school full-time for his MBA. Fast forward to this past December when Andrew was wrapping up his last year of school and the job hunt commenced. Colorado, California, Georgia, St. Louis, Dallas, Oregon, etc. were all places of consideration. When he got the call that Wales was interested in him, I remember saying directly, “Why not?” (And then immediately went to Wikipedia to search “Wales.”) That was all it took and the interview process begin. In the final rose ceremony elimination round I actually vetoed Oregon in favor of Wales.

Why Wales? Wale Well in short, how about an opportunity like no other to see and travel Europe. Ultimately, it was about why we uprooted our lives two years ago in the first place. Andrew is a smart cookie, law bless the man for marrying me. He went back to school to get a job he believed in and a job he was inspired to do. The corporate churn and burn lifestyle was not for him. The opportunity in Wales means he is doing something forward-thinking in an industry that is in high demand.

Once the decision was made we took a trip to see where we would be living in England, the Shopshire (actual location), to make sure we could handle it, I think we’ll be OK, ha. We’re right on the county country line and will be living in England and making a short commute to Wales for work. The only traffic we have to worry about now are farmers and sheep. Not too baaad.

The hardest part was telling my parents. They have issues when I move out of county lines, but they have been nothing short of supportive – for that I am grateful.

Here we are, weeks before we make the big move across the pond. This is a way for me to tell everyone about this adventure, which I can only sum up as “crazy.”

“Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup ‘o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary Poppins… LONDON.”