Five Things

1. It’s was Mothering Day this past Sunday. I’ll be celebrating this holiday twice this year. #thankyaverymuch Andrew and I kept thinking we needed to call our moms back in the states.


2. I’m Nichole, I have a Pinterest problem. I’ve turned into a recipe hunter. If I could get my hands on my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and some US Betty Crocker I’d show you what was up. And don’t get me started on holiday ideas. I’ve been bitten by the artsy fartsy bug.

3. Downton Abbey has turned into a soap opera. Finally got my hands on Season 3. I wish I had a Carson.


4. This weekend marks the start of F1 Season and England v Wales in 6 Nations Rugby. Top that with St Patrick’s day and I’m spent. #teamkimi


5. Justin Timberlake hosted SNL for the 5th time. There’s a damn good reason he’s been on there that many times. I might not care for some of his films, but he is a riot on the show. Since the UK net nanny prevents me from seeing a lot of the clips I had to whip out Macgyver and viola! My fave skit – Bring it on down to Veganville.



Nothing To It But To Do It

Last post was kind of heavy, sorry about that kids. On to the fun five.

1. It’s sad that I truly enjoy the Pillsbury updates on Facebook, especially when they share news of Peanut Butter Toast Crunch. Hellz yes. Eat it, Cinnamon. Come to think of it, I can’t tell you a cereal I’ve found at the grocery store here with marshmallows in it. Filed under, things that keep me up at night.


2. BOB. Christmas come late/realllly early. Running with the bambino HIGHLIGHT of the day.


3. Homeland. Angela Chase initially deterred me from this show, but now I’m hooked. I know…late.


4. SweetWater LowRYEder IPA. Andrew brews, y’all know that right? Note to self: always copyright things.


5. Beyonce Bowl. Vom. It was great, but not OMGFNBESTFNTHINGEVER. Which is why I love stories like this: Beyoncé team request removal of “unflattering” Super Bowl photos. So fierce, it’s painful.


Five Things

To The Best Blueberry Muffins You’ll Ever Make. I promise petit Baby M that I will start baking from scratch, no offense Mrs Crocker. You might as well hang out on A Cup of Jo, she’s as addicting as my morning coffee.

Cherry Season. I could drink cherry smoothies all day.

Anytime the hus asks me to bake my heart skips. Homemade cookies are delicious. Even when my cookies refuse to rise on this island. If only the Tollhouse elves where here to kick my convection oven in the pants.

Many of us on Facebook can relate, if you can’t, then we’rev obviously talking about you. 10 Things Facebook Has Taught Me, including people have children, then promptly lose their minds and some people should really invest in an actual therapist.

Oh Happy Day. It brings out your creativity. Or in my case, reminds me of all the things I want to do but probably never will.