You Gotta Fast Car

For you, Ms Meghan:

Saving you a seat!

So you want the scoop? You’re probably the only person besides Norak that reads this…Let’s start with the basics. The coffee here is not strong. I know, I know. Hope that doesn’t deter your visit. But you end up liking things like cappuccinos, espressos and tea. I love me some proper English tea. And if Starbucks doesn’t bring over the Pumpkin Spice latte they are going to have a tea party on their hands.

Joined a gym this week and I shattered my first spin class, it’s been too long. I thought of you the whole time, how you’d get a kick out of the disco light in the room and euro music. See, I think of you bright and early whilst you are still slumbering.

Living in Shropshire has been amazing, although I haven’t been home much because of all the to-ing and fro-ing to London. Looking forward to a few other things I have planned closer to home. The weather is not nearly as bad as everyone said. Hardly rains, but we may get a few more gloomy days here and there. It’s still unseasonably warm and it makes for absolutely perfect outdoor workout weather. Andrew is trying to get me to mountain bike, no thank you. Trail running, yes please. Dodging sheep is the only issue, I am being serious. It’s funny at first and then you wish Bo Peep would get control of the situation, they just wonder around your trail pooing and baaing.

We’ve made a few great friends already. Bonus that they are our age, thank jeebus. I do miss seeing everyone back home, a bunch. It’s hard to believe we still haven’t been here that long.

And the short list of stupid things:
– Counting coins here still takes me forever, anything under 5 quid comes back in change
– The language here is colourful and I’m trying my best to pick up on the casual talk
– You have to put a pound in a grocery trolley in order to use one in the market; you get the pound back in the end. Guess trolley burgling is a real issue round these parts
– UK loves them some girl and boy bands, luuuhve
– Driving is a workout
– The key to our house looks medieval, it’s also massive and pokes me when I have to run with it.
– I got Andrew to like/watch The X Factor, the US version is actually our fave. Oh, he’s going to kill me for sharing that.

That’s it muffin. See, you ain’t missing much. I DO miss the crap out of you. At our next party I want mustaches on sticks, they go with everything.

Slap your manfriend around for moi.



The “No News” News Week

Chatting with friends and catching up I realise I am not up to snuff with the US news, but I’ve also picked up plenty of useful/total crap news here on my island.

Things I don’t miss about the states:
Political bin talking: The UK loves to cover Obama but we’ve escaped the Sarahs and Michelles for now.
Dancing with the Stars: I think I missed that skeez Clooney dated get the boot and Chaz is fearing for her his life?

Things I do miss about the states:
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Law do I miss some good ol’ southern trash talking. I have no idea how in the bin Richt’s career is, what mascot Corso’s sporting and what teams are on the fence. Which reminds me, I need to head over and subscribe to ESPN College News.
Celeb Juice: I should have known months ago that Demi and Ashton were kaput. I love People Magazine, but when I hear news from them first I realise I’m slipping.

Things you can only get in the UK:
Footballer Carlos Tevez in serious trouble for his dodgy misconduct on the sidelines. Hey, sometimes you just don’t feel like playing…unless you’re getting paid out the nose. Fat head.
Indian Summer making headlines. The fact that it is warmer now that in July is baffling scientists. mwahaha.

Things all the news folks can agree on:
– No matter their nationality – Michael Jackson’s death trial. Conrad, good news, you’ve gone global.
– The financial future of the global. Outlook, doubtful.

You Don’t Stop When You See The Finish Line

Indian summer is here. The only bummer right now is that we are losing daylight, quick. Gets dark now around 7:30 and my sunrise is now up after me. Lazy. The seasons and time change means I need one too. Right?! More changes, mwhahaha.

Let’s see, how many blogs have I had?! This one, oh and that one, and then the big one before this one. Running and athletics consumed my life not too long ago and I was engrossed in all things Athletic Barbie. When your routine turns absolutely upside down it takes time to revert back into what were once habits. I remember before we moved thinking how much free time I’d have to workout whenever I wanted, pffft. You’d be surprised where the time goes.

I was so exhausted and walking all over creation that I was cautious of doing something just to do it (sorry Nike, but I do see your point). I wanted to say I need to run. It’s taken time, since my marathon in particular, but I’m excited again about paths and trails. I finally worked running back into my mornings, thanking London for the paths and great weather.

Running our neighbourhood river is a hard path to grow old of. We have plans to join the gym, can only fight daylight savings for so long.

You learn your surroundings by exploring. Alas, we’ll see where I run off to next.

To me the outdoors is where the car is.

This was one of our most wicked weekends since moving to England. Date night/no hate night was a good way to kick off the weekend. Delish dinner and stupid movie, done and done.

Saturday Andrew schlepped took me to one of his fave mountain biking trails for a hike — Church Stretton. I was suspect at first, but the views and wildlife were surreal. We spent a few hours hiking and running down sheep. I have no idea why they don’t want to be petted:(

Damn good sheep.

So that was our tailgate. When in England…

I wore my Georgia gameday shirt out Saturday afternoon and I quickly realised I am more likely to be taken for a fan of Georgia, the country, rugby than UGA.

Thanks to the beauty of technology, we were able to tune in to the noon game, prime evening game here. I missed everything from the silver britches to the Chick-fil-a commercials.

We whipped out the BBQ for the first time and it did not disappoint. Was the first time being in our new place, just us, for a weekend and it felt like old times. Relaxing!!

The weather was seasonably warm, making for a perfect Sunday funday on the river stopping by a few of our fave pubs. And my Sunday routine continued with a LONG trip back to London.

Ready for October! Especially when my bro sends pics of his house already decorated for Halloween. Mwhaha. Let me reiterate, send candy and decorations, Andrew is beginning to put up a fight…

Expectation is the root of all heartaches

Have you heard enough of me harping about being scattered? If you can’t beat em, beat em. I am ready for a weekend that is a bit more tame than last.

Woke up this morning and tackled a run, it was absolutely gorgeous on the river. The leaves are the perfect burnt orange and the sun was just making its way up.

The week has flown. I adore London but it’s lovely going home to Shrewsbury, where the speed as slower but there is still a lot to do. After seeing my friends I realise that this whole experience has been awesome, tiring, trying and exciting. You feel like you’ve been thrown out to college and forced to figure everything out again.

On the plus, there are loads of things I’ve picked up around work and it is fascinating to hear even the most casual of conversations. In the – I’m trying to learn the lingo, not eavesdrop – kind of way. It’s not drastically different but it’s noticeable.

I catch myself pausing before saying things like “If I had a dollar every time…” or “that is so janky.” Never know when my expressions are going to draw blank stares, typically they do, haha. But you can always trade up and learn new ones like, “take the p*ss out of it,” or “how are you getting on.”

It’s date night here at Shrewsbury and I am dying to unwind. We have a little carnival that decided to stop through, should be very interesting.

To the weekend!

So I Said to My Friend Johnny…

If you thought two Americans in a small town was bad, double that. I sent my lovely friends back home late last night. We wrapped up their European tour by having an amazing evening at Tower Hill. The weather was mild and the views were spectacular.

Here’s what you missed:
– Try putting “proper” in front of nouns, people will take you more seriously.
– Susan B Anthony coins are not accepted in the UK. Not even at McDonald’s. Not even at McD’s after midnight.
– The best way to get Andrew to not hike is to tell him that your brisk walk is in fact part of the hike.
– Cadbury needs to bring back the white chocolate.
– Man bag, satchel, whatever-you-call-it…still a purse.
– Dominos doesn’t play. They will call YOU back to make sure you aren’t too snickered to know you wanted pizza.
– Where there is one tractor, there’s many.
– They don’t make Band Aids here, nor have they heard of them.
– America makes better marshmallows, meaning when your friends pack mini mellows AND rice krispie treats you have the perfect late night concoction.
– You cannot replace American telly shows or football.
– Shopping with your best friend makes everything else go away.
– Anger is often confused with being too sensitive.
– Scottie’s British accent makes Mary Poppins’ Dick Van Dyke sound like a local.

Now I am stuck waiting for the holidays to see my mates again. All forthe best, my body needs a proper break.

PS (totally unrelated) – for all you Americans reading this, send candy corn immediately. And maybe throw in a little of those candy corn mellow pumpkins. nomnom.

More Americans in ShrOWEsbury

I need some time to recover before I can properly put my thoughts together from the weekend. There was laughter, McDonald’s, sensitivity, tractor parades, no-hike hiking, crawling, country music and American football.

It was honestly so nice seeing friends, more or less family, from home. I begged but they couldn’t stay. Scottie has loads more where these came from, but just a few bit and bobs from the weekend:

Move On. Laugh. Repeat.

I don’t see an end to the chaos until October at this point, so I’m going to ride this puppy out. I have gone from watching sheep to watching red buses go by. I’m back and forth between here and London. Makes coming home even sweeter, but home doesn’t feel home yet. We have to get that “new carpet smell” out. I think a solid month of living in a place and moving things around where you want it makes everything seem more homey.

I am preparing for what is to be an epic weekend as our besties come and visit. I will try to get 12 hours of sleep tonight to make up for anything that is about to happen.

AND joyous day, somebody got a landline today. FREE calls to the US, well that’s what Andrew says but I’ll let the monthly bill have the final say. I just need phone numbers now, lol. You would have thought I was sixteen, hold up in my room calling everyone. Is that what it was like in the 60s? Because I totally get it now.

This is kind of how I’m feeling – Whoopi-ty-aye-oh

When I Have A Sharpie In My Hand I Make Lists, & Hand Puppets

My official case of the Mondays came today as I slowly entered back into a grind of sorts. I shall keep this enigma going a bit longer. Safe to say I’ve replaced the sheep with people, and princes.

When you have time to figure out what you want to do with yourself, you find yourself needing more time. I believe I have scratched the surface of my passions. Although competitive and athletic, I crave writing and sharing experiences through words. I continue to find myself journaling and researching in my downtime.

I welcome this Monday and everything that surrounds me. You have to take each day as it comes. The Lord won’t give you more than you can handle in a day, but I’m proof he clearly has a sense of humor.

Closer Than I Was Yesterday

We are not quite settled in but we are a helluva a lot closer. I am thinking of calling up one of those organizational shows in the states to show them how well I’ve unpacked and arranged things. My fear is that they will show me up with someone living in a 700 sq ft apartment in New York.

I went running around our new neighborhood last night and couldn’t believe the views as I followed along the river. Rowers, tennis players, other runners surrounded me and the tourist in me slowly began to fade.

Andrew has been in Germany all week, while I was in London. Somewhere in this mess I’ve had to make two trips back-and-forth to Wales. I have traveled from country to country and my body is bearing the brunt of the impact. I cannot wait to sit down with our cable TV, running water and a glass of wine.

Enough grumbling, the place is looking posh and I’m getting prepped for another week. On deck, our besties from the states are making the trip over to see us. They have to be first at everything, mwahaha. It will be bizarre showing them around our area, when it feels like we saw them not too long ago. Containing my excitement will be brutal this week.

And times they are definitely changing. On Monday I will begin starting another chapter in our UK adventure. I’ll share the deets later, but I am trying to grasp the way things are falling into place around us.

Here’s to the friggin weekend lads and lasses.