Now That’s What I Call European Living II

You moved? The reason we’re in a new terrace has a bit to do with the fact we were already living on top of each other.

We also moved because:

1. I refuse to give up closet space even for my first born.

2. We needed a proper space for in-laws guests.

3. The new place was close enough to walk our stuff over.

And some snaps for you jokers. Please note this place is massive – to us. 3 floors! A whole floor for guests complete with a proper bed and separate big bath. I think the sq footage is prolly the size of most Americano’s basements. I will say I adore living minimalist. If I had more space I’d fill it with more crap.

Guoffice (guest bedroom with an office en-suite)

Indy’s Pad

Oh, the nursery. Literally the only thing(s) in it:

And now you know.


Banking on the Weekend

Let me tell you how uneventful our weekend was in 3…2…

We’re moved. Sweet mother of pearl. Tough t*tty said the kitty on photos, I’m too tired. We are organised thanks to my OCD other half. I mean not one box, hanger, shoe is not where it should be. Had it been me, we still would be walking around boxes.

It was a Bank Holiday weekend and if anyone could have used an extra day it was us. Cram it Americanos, you have Labor Day coming up. We BBQ’d with mates and did a couple of bits and bobs to finish off the place.

We also…

had the best Thai food. And this little friend banana was boss.

worked off the fried banana.


celebrated our large mango.

European Vacay – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hello poppets. I apologise to both my readers for my prolonged absence. We took a holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Some say babymoon, I say it’s summer vacation.

Why Croatia? When we first learned we were heading to the UK we put this on the top of our list – the views, the weather, the culture, the stuff to do. Maybe the Three Sheets episode helped. Someone goes and gets knocked up so this trip was prioritised as a must-do.

It was such a relaxing, amazing trip. We stayed in an apartment with a spectacular view of the Old Town and Adriatic Sea, and had the pleasure of using all the accommodations of the neighbouring 5 star hotel. The food and wine were great, but it’s hard to compare anything to Italy. Andrew enjoyed the local beers like Pan and Ozujsko. I enjoyed the local gelato.

The water was crystal clear blue and cool “refreshing.” The tourists covered the beaches but there were local islands that you could play on. We headed to Lockrum a few days and managed to play in a lagoon and layout on the flat rocks that drop you right into the ocean. Andrew did the cliff jumping. The coolest part of being in the Adriatic is how you can swim in the sea without any fear of sharks, jellyfish or other creatures. And the sea is fairly calm. I am normally a pool girl but I had no problem feeling comfortable in the agua.

Our big adventure was renting sea kayaks. Andrew’s ONE big thing he kept saying he had to do. He signed us up for a three-hour tour. Had I read the fine print I would have seen this was a seven-hour excursion around the islands. He put my prego butt in one-man kayak and said see-ya. Well, not really, but I was solo. We ended up doing over 15km/10 miles. How many points do I get for this? I would have never in a million agreed but I’m glad I did it, I felt pretty proud of myself. We are grooming a true athlete here.

Let’s not forget the people. ATTN single men and women – the people of Croatia are gorgeous. Natural beauties. Hardly any make-up, no highlights, they’re tall, lean, tan,…I could go on. Must be the wine and cigarettes. So yea, awesome place to get stuck walking around with a buddha belly.

I have the most beautiful tan that will most like fall off by the time I head stateside in a few weeks. And yes, I rocked a two-piece. Let me tell you who doesn’t sale one piece bathing suit in August: Shrewsbury and Croatia.

I promise to share more, but as we are now in full on moving mode I don’t have any time to download my proper pics. Here’s some iPhone snaps that just isn’t going to do it justice.


Yep, our own private pool. Suckers!

A fedora and sunglasses will do wonders.

Town Walls

Celebrating the seven Croats that brought home gold in water polo.

Happy Hour

Lockrum Lagoon, peacocks free of charge

When you put your pregnant wife in a kayak by herself you require this much distance.


The country mice headed to the big city for the Olympic Bronze Medal Footy Football match in Cardiff, Wales.

I’ve heard good things about Cardiff. It’s a university town built on the water. The city was a mix of old and modern, and the pub scene was fantastic. We definitely will make plans to visit again.

The Bronze match was between South Korea and Japan. No offense, but silver was Mexico and Brazil. Dang! Stadium was gargantuan and we’re looking forward to coming back for a rugby match.

Some snaps from the city, and the flag was courtesy of a random Texan we ran into. He was visiting and gifted us with the flag. I miss hearing that Texan drawl.

Small Town UK

We hosted some American mates in town over the weekend. Being able to show friends around Shropshire always seems to make us love this place a little more.

You forget how absolutely spoiled rotten you are being able to walk everywhere and have direct access to some amazing hiking and neighbouring towns.

Our standard group tours include:
– Unlimited bulture
– Your weight in cider
– Lamb petting (subject to availability)
– One form of exercise a day
– Castle viewing
– 4 seasons in one day
– Dingle viewing
– Overview of Euro style

We are taking bookings! Come on across the pond y’all.

Halfway There

Bambino M will be here in a little over/under four months. Whenever he makes up his little mind.

If you think the past few months have flown by, you have no idea. Here’s a quick catch-up on how the first half of the prego process(?) has gone:

Good news: I can still wear my jeans with no band/stretching assistance. And it’s almost leggings season.
Bad news: I don’t know how much longer these jeans are going to make it. I’m on borrowed buttons time here.

Good news: I’ve been sober for 20 weeks.
Bad news: If anyone ever needed a drink to “take the edge of” it’s me. I’m one BIG edge.

Good news: I’m still running around 15 – 20 miles a week at a decent pace.
Bad news: You would think I was Ironman training. I have to work for each step. My body doesn’t relax until mile 3.

Good news: I don’t feel gigantic (yet).
Bad news: Andrew has to go to bed with the room smelling like a Jersey Shore tanning salon thanks to the amount of cocoa butter I slather on myself at night.

Good news: Starting to feel Baby M “cycle” in the womb.
Bad news: Norak still thinks it’s just gas.

Good news: I don’t have any cray crazy cravings.
Bad news: I’ve developed a taste for licorice. Black licorice, I don’t have time for red Twizzlers. Yep, the candy that everyone hates, unless you’re over 80.

Good news: I’ve learned not to fight the baby sleep thief. You pop right out of bed like a spring chicken even if it’s 4 AM.
Bad news: People question my emails/social updates coming at 11 PM EST/ 5AM GMT.

Best news: We’re happy and healthy.

As for the bump:

Photo on the left was taken the day after the photo on the right. Lycra tends to “hug” to my body, otherwise I am looking like I had a very big lunch. Waiting for my cute round bump to be a bit more proper.

I’ve online and window shopped for hours on end but still haven’t bought a thing for the bambino, but that will change once we’re settled in our new place. Thanks to my parents weekly packages we might not have to!

August Rush

Can’t believe it’s August. This month we are uber busy with moving to a new place (yea, bigger terrace), travelling to the one spot we promised ourselves we’d go when we first found out we were moving to England, hitting up a bronze medal Olympic football match, and of course continuing to sort ourselves in preparation for the munchkin. We hit the halfway mark next week. Things are moving too fast.

Dear August,

Fine, go ahead and bring it.