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How 80 mph gusts are just, “Wednesday Weather.”
Norak. She is literally the toughest lady I know. Missing her particularly more right now.
Valentines planning. Bubbles.
New Orleans Super Bowl, didn’t they recently host the big game?
Running and more running.
Post baby fitness update.
Law of attraction. You’re either manifesting what you want or don’t want.


Photo Of The Week


I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Our Little Americano

Two 3+ hours train rides, 4 tube rides and a few miles by foot, Ryder is now an official US citizen. Whoop. xx








We survived travelling to London with a newborn. And our sweet, sweet friends survived a night with one as well. We had our moments but overall he was a cool customer in the big city. It was incredibly exhausting yet obviously worth it.

The Italian, Canadian and U.S. Embassy are all in the same area. We stood in front of them all and asked Ryder if he was certain he wanted to be American.

The U.S. Embassy doesn’t eff around. I had this whole idea to recreate a Jason Bourne experience and run towards the embassy waving my passport screaming, “I’m a citizen, let me in!” But upon arriving and being scolded by a CIA woman, prolly on her way to capture terrorists, for taking a picture of the embassy and seeing the guards holding M16s, I had a change of heart.







Another fun embassy fact, you can’t bring in anything techy: mobile phones, headphones, car fobs, laptop, etc.

It wasn’t too bad of a wait and everything went smoothly. Best question from the gentleman interviewing us, “Did you have any doubts about little Ryder becoming a U.S. citizen?”

Ummm, now that you mention it. My reaction to his question is probably on some embassy blooper reel.

Ryder’s first trip to America was a success. Still bummed there wasn’t a Chick-fil-A or Target on the premises.


London Town, London Bound

We are heading to the big city to grab Monsieur Ryder’s passport, social, etc. We’ll be hitting up the U.S. Embassy to make him a proper citizen. He’ll still have his Britishnish, but we need him sorted with a U.S. passport as it is much easier to travel with mum and dad.

That being said, I needed a little pep talk to get myself ready for our first big adventure with a newborn.


You’re Testing The Borders Of Your Comfort Zone.
Pep talk: It’s very brave that you’re trying something new. You may find that this challenge suits you. If it doesn’t, that’s fine to, you don’t have to commit. The important thing is that you have the confidence in yourself to try. You’re growing in interesting directions.

Today remind yourself: I’m testing the borders of my comfort zone.

White Blanket Over Shrewsbury

I feel like we’ve had a proper 3-day weekend. It started snowing early Friday and we enjoyed the dusting until last night.





I love how quiet the town goes during a snowfall.

Saturday I fought what felt like jet lag, but we managed to get out and mingle.






Sunday Funday was an absolute treat! We had a proper Italian feast. Holy deliciousness. Tutto benne. Homemade focaccia, gnocchi and tiramisu for dessert. But what does this southern belle bring to the ball? Trisha Yearwood’s Skillet Almond Shortbread. Thanks to a proper southern belle back home. The hits, Luc! Me loves it when a recipe is “stupid easy” y’all!



The cuddles, vino and snowfall. A much needed relaxing weekend as we gear up for a heavy week.






39 X 40

Although this project only took place once every two weeks, it was harder to do than you think. End result, amazing. Glad we documented Mr Baby’s progress…


The hair is distracting, but comical, and the H&M shirt is now retired. Bless.

One Month Anniversary

Time please slow down. I remember how December dragged on and now I can’t get this roller coaster to stop.


Age: 1 month
Height: 23 inches
Weight: 8.5 (ish)


Milestones: Ryder is working that neck; he’s got amazing control. He’s tracking loads better now with his beautiful eyes. He’ll turn towards our voices and this past week he really got to meet Indy, no longer a blurry white monster running around him.
Best Moment: Waking up with the man on Christmas morning or ringing in 2013 – it’s a tie.
Worst Moment: I don’t think you really have total crap moments, but the day he managed to find 4 new ways to pee on me was a fun one.
Eating: I gave birth to a baby hippo. Seriously. Andrew says, “Always on the boob.” purdy much. (trust me, a huge shocker.)
Notables: Ryder is our joy. My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song. He’s a cool customer that fortunately rarely cries. We are starting to sort a routine and have been hanging around town with some other “mums.” His first movie at the cinema was “The Gambit” (total gar-b-a-g-e). Ryder was my date to the mums movie group. Rye’s party trick, passing out the second you turn on the hair dryer or vacuum.








Biggest surprise of parenthood: how suddenly you are happily going about on no less sleep, changing nappies all day, and starting a bedtime routine at 9:30. And everyone has a baby voice; Andrew’s is priceless.

I had no idea how dependent this little man would be on me.all.day.

And since Andrew rarely reads this…we are already in talks about numero dos. He’s the coolest thing that has ever happened to us and I get a huge smile thinking about expanding our brood. Pump the brakes, not anytime soon; this isn’t a Jessica Simpson thing.

Since this post has gone the mom-blog route, I’ll leave you with my Mommy Must Haves.

Mommy Musts!
Screw the wipe warmers, baby shoes, etc. Babies need a lot of crap, but there are some serious essentials.

Aden + Anais Blankets
AKA: Best things ever
Loves: They are lightweight but can be warm. Easy to wrap, swaddle, and cuddle. Also super easy to wash. We have a dozen of these things.

Gumpdrop Newborn Soother
AKA: Uh-oh (where is it? Did you drop it?!)
Loves: Has a finger dent in the middle to calmly get the babe started and then you can release. *Only available in the US.

Moby Wrap
AKA: Parachute cord.
Loves: If there is one thing you will let me influence you on, this is it! THE one item I couldn’t live without. I give this thing two thumbs up, or 5 stars, or tons of props. Basically, I can breastfeed and DO STUFF WITH TWO HANDS. Amazebreast. Amazefest. This was a lifesaver. I like our Ergo carrier, but this wrap lets Ryder do stuff with me and is super comfy.

Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing
AKA: Babysitter.
Loves: Anything that lets me do something on my own for 5 minutes gets my full support. *Only available in the US. Another reason to love eBay.

I’m A Little Teapot

In order to get my dad any gift for the holidays I have to start planning now. He gets excited over a) hunting gear or b) UGA paraphernalia. When my parents dropped by over the holidays there was one thing that lit my father up like a Christmas tree…

photoThe Electric Kettle!

Mind blown yet? This bad boy boils water in 30-60 seconds, which is beautiful if you’re an avid coffee drinker, or cook. It was one of the first things we adored finding out everyone had over here. Yes, they are in the states but in the UK people rely on them more. You don’t really find the water cooler or coffee machine hot water set-up. Did I mention tea is kind of a big deal?

To learn that my dad was ready to let go of his trusty old-fashioned whistling kettle was a true miracle. The man has worn the same cologne since birth — not big on change.

Anyways, we love it and you fancy pants Americans, with all your counter space, could use one.

Well, We’re Here

Caught up on movies. Lincoln, Argo & Pitch Perfect. Highly enjoyed them all. Ben Affleck looks very familiar; Andrew if I squint? And I have a major same-sex crush on Rebel Wilson.

I’m close to enrolling in the Betty Crocker International Culinary Academy. Does that exist? Whipped up cookies and Pumpcakes Pumpkin Cupcakes last week. Recipe is stupid easy. Next on the list, Trisha Yearwood’s Skillet Almond Shortbread. Yee to the haw! I didn’t schlep my nanny’s skillet thousands of miles for nothing.


We spent the weekend embracing the winter weather. Enjoying the snowflakes, warm nights by the fire and hot cocoa at our fave place. And I can’t take a proper picture of snow. Elusive powdery flakes.







Riding Solo

I never thought I’d rejoice at being able to simply take a shower and workout. Yes, I’m cheating but I can’t sit still anymore. Mr Baby and I are on our own, Andrew’s back to the grind. If only Indy was a better nanny.

The town is finally drying out, but I hear ATL is about to enjoy a weekend of 70 degrees – bite me.

I saw the spanking Alabama laid down to Notre Dame, bahahha. Best quote: “They let Notre Dame play in the BCS. How adorable.”

I’ll miss my weekends of college football, but at least we have pro for a bit longer.

I have major, major spring fever. Screw these winter months, let’s just jump into March.

Trying to think how random and boring I can make this post. I think I did a good job.

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