I Want To Go To There

Next year. I mean it. Wimbledon….


Immersing Myself in British Culture

Those that can’t move…watch a great deal of BBC.

I’ve been brushing up on understanding a heavy British accent and more importantly the humour humor. Some of me faves:

Top Gear: The hosts alone are enough to keep you entertained, and if you happen to know anything or perhaps nothing about cars. This show has been on 17 successful seasons with no signs of slowing down.
The Graham Norton Show: Forget what you know about late night talk show hosts. Cheeky humor and all the guests come out at one time.
The Tudors: This is my site so this show counts as being UK-ish. Showtime’s historical-dramady brings to life Henry VIII and all of his slores wives. There are important historical milestones sprinkled in as well. What a man will do for a woman.
Keeping Up Appearances: This has nothing to do with Keeping up with the Kardashians I assure you. This little hidden nugget still airs on Georgia Public Television. Nanny introduced me to this show when I had a slumber party a few weeks back. The leading star is named Hyacinth, need I say more.

Apologies to anyone looking for a Hell’s Kitchen or Master Chef reference. I am still not a fan of Gordon Ramsey’s shows.

If there are any I’m missing, like The Inbetweeners, let me know.

Fashionably Late

*not Indy

OK so many of you are wondering when’s the big move date, how long can we possibly drag out the goodbye?! Timing is completely tied to when our Visas are processed.

This is like the credit card Visa process only much longer: A visa (from the Latin charta visa, lit. “paper that has been seen”[1]) is a document showing that a person is authorized to enter the territory for which it was issued, subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry.

We can’t just check “visiting” on the customs paper and never come out:) I would lurve to be at Wimbledon right now.

I have a slight case of OCD and wish there was a magical “check my status” button on this process but we are in the hands of a lot of government officials.

The good news is that it’s looking like we’ll get the stamp of approval the week of July 4th — irony at its best.

Sheep > People in Wales

Sheep outnumber people 2 to 1 in Wales. That means that if all the sheep on the island got together overnight they could totally take us over! In all seriousness, “Wales has the highest density of sheep in the world.”

These sheep in Wales also now how to put on a show. I give you, Extreme LED Sheep Art. This is baaad a**.

Indy officially has a new Halloween costume.

The Sun Always Shines…Behind the Clouds

Ahh, feels like only yesterday we were flying overseas to check out everything. The best jet lag I’ve ever had. I’ve had the great pleasure to travel to the majority of the 50 states and many of the islands in the Caribbean, but that about ends my “worldly travels.” First visit to the UK, and Europe (UK likes to be separate from the bigger island), so much take in.


This wasn't my first time flying, I assure you.

Everything does seem a little Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings-esc

The Quarry

Beautiful Sunny Day

Adapters & Adapting

Can’t help but make a list of things that I’m going to miss about “home.” I have the strangest thoughts. When we first talked about moving I rattled off about things like needing a new hair dryer, do they have a Target and what will happen to my mobile number I’ve had since I was 16?! Granted we are moving to a country where they speak English, but our electronics aren’t the only thing that need adapters.

Kiss the TV and King Bed goodbye kids, we’re headed to IKEA! We’re going from a big honking home with tons of storage (and a pool) to city living, a little European “flat.” I’ve already decided we need 3 bedrooms, strictly to store all of our crap precious belongings.

It’s easy to get stuck in the weeds of missing things like texting my dad at all hours of the day and driving on the right-hand side of the road.

But I’m ready for European living (vacations) and lots of travel. Not to mention fighting sheep in a morning commute versus 18-wheelers.

I don’t think you can weigh the pros and cons, it’s not apples to apples. All you can do is brace yourself for an adventure.

Let the Sabbatical Begin

Ladies and gents, I’m officially on sabbatical. This is the first time in eight years I have not had a “big girl” job. It’s beyond bizarre. And trying to sound as least bratty as possible, I don’t know how to relax. It’s been ingrained in me that even on vaca and weekends I was still accessible and that has taken an unhealthy toll. Woosa!

But I’m working on my “quality time” language of love. Gotta keep everyone’s love tank full.

As for my future employment, I will have a job but don’t want to divulge the deets. It won’t be as aggressive as what I’ve been doing and that’s the point. Maybe I’ll try my hand as a coffee shop barista or Pilates instructor, haa.

I promise I will not be sunning by my pool… at least not all the time. I’m definitely going to be busy. I still have to pack and get finances in order. The hardest part about packing is picking what goes with me and what floats to us across the Atlantic a month later. Oy gavolt my closets!

I’ll keep y’all posted on the official countdown. Still have Andrew’s birthday to plan in the middle of all this craziness. Bring it on June.

Indiana Jones & The Quarantine Crusade

Cannot. Even. Imagine.

OK well it’s not as bad as it use to be. For Dr. Jones to join our European vacation he has to get a puppy passport. He’s gotten his rabies shot and has to wait six months to hop a plane with us. No spending 6 months in some crazy cage. Just 6 months with crazy granddogparents. Yes, that’s another story for another time.

I swear, I look at him and I cry on a dime. Niagara Falls Frankie Jr.