We Moved

Care to keep up with all our crazy travels? I couldn’t keep Rubbish, didn’t feel right.


We moved! Follow along at Nic’s Daybook.



The Floor Is Now Open To Questions

People actually read this? I hardly ever make any sense. I’m working on a revamp.

Bless you. If you’re stuck in traffic, waiting in line for coffee, or accidentally trying to load Facebook and it took too long, here’s some answers to the q’s we’ve been getting about our big move.

PaulBunyanFlat_8641) Where? Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Before you’re thinking, Huh?, EdP was recognized by MONEY Magazine as one of the “Best Places to Live” in America, a few years in a row. I’m aware it gets a boatload of snow. It also gets proper sunshine and WARM weather. Sorted. We’re used to the Midwest lifestyle and were very fond of our time in Michigan.

Why is Eden Prairie No. 1 this year? Not only is it family-friendly, it has a dynamite economy too…there’s plenty of outer beauty: from gently rolling hills to 17 lakes that residents flock to year-round for swimming and ice skating. Town parks are laced with 125 miles of running, hiking, and biking trails. No wonder residents rank among the healthiest people in the nation. Add in top-notch schools and safe streets and you’ve got a place that’s tough to beat.

1) Is Ryder a US citizen? Yes, the coconut is proud to be an Americano. The citizenship process was lengthy, and wasn’t easy. The U.S. Embassy was strict, we went through piles of paperwork and interviews. We sorted his citizenship a few months ago all to secure his passport. Remember our trip to London?

2) Why did Ryder have two months to leave the country? When I crossed international waters with the babe to the US, unbeknownst to us, we took away his citizenship. England’s immigration department gave us a big fat warm welcome when we landed from the U.S. We were told Rye would need a visa or had two months to leave the country; two months was due to the fact that Andrew and I are on visas. After much research and phone calls, the visa process for Ryder would have been lengthy, expensive, and not guaranteed. We had no choice but to start looking for other alternatives.

3) Why can’t it be fixed to how it’s supposed to be? It is what it is as this point. There’s a reason U.S. customer service is the best. See #2.

3) Where are you moving back? The hus is continuing to work with his current company in Minneapolis. Funny, I missed Target so much he moved me to their headquarters. I missed malls, well we’re going to THE Mall of America. Trading one distinct accent for another.

4) When are you moving back? The maiden voyage is in early June; stopping in Atlanta as we wait for our goods to float back across the Atlantic. I knew moving internationally again would be hard, but it’s exciting and I’m embracing the packed schedule. Wine does wonders.

5) Are you a little happy you’re coming back? Loaded question. England has been tremendous. The friends we’ve made, the experiences, the places we’ve seen. I’ll miss being on the doorstep to the most beautiful places in the world. It’s time though to start getting our lives back in order in the U.S. We sold a lot of goods and we need time to build back up our assets. I do prefer a one and half hour flight away from family as opposed to 10+ and a time change.

It’s overwhelming at times. Sad tissues, happy tissues. At first I was highly skeptical of MN, but weighing all of our options, this move is the best for our family. Now it’s time to embrace all the challenges and changes. Life with Andrew has never been boring. We are blessed to be surrounded by such supportive family and friends, now internationally.


Oh By The Way…We’re Moving

Want to hear something crazy? This blog turned the big 2 years old yesterday. Two years ago, we announced we were moving to the United Kingdom.


Here we are, almost to the day, announcing we are moving back to the United States!
Minneapolis, here we come! From raindrops to snowflakes.

I owe you a lot of details. I’m getting there. Sorry for being cryptic; the move has taken a lot of turns. Right now we are focused on packing up and moving back over the pond, and it’s taking a lot of energy and time. This blog is going to evolve as well. For now, we’re focused on the move. Looking forward to catching up with family and friends on our stop off in Atlanta – real soon, y’all!


Team America

photo 4 (5)

Jet lag lingers. Double that time with a babe.

Ryder’s first plane ride. First international flight. He didn’t cry once. I still think I’m crazy for doing it. Sat in my lap the whole 10 hours.

Sharing our joy with everyone for the first time is emotional. Their faces are priceless. Glad I’m able to finally show off our fantastic man. He certainly isn’t getting any smaller. Wish dad was here to celebrate.

Thank you spring weather! Going outside without layering up is amazing. My translucent skin can use all the UV it can get. Ryder’s melon is another story.

There have been a million first new experiences. He’s become much more animated and vocal. Ryder is also completely off a schedule, which I’m paying for at night.

The Georgia Spring Game almost was worth the trip alone. It made me miss college for the first time. Papa was thrilled to take Rye to his first Georgia game. Ryder loved the marching band.

It’s truly been an outstanding first week home. I am thankful for the family and friends who have gone out of their way to say a simple hello.


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And Now A Message From Our Sponsor: The Presidential Election

Watching the election drama unfold miles away was an experience. Living in another country has shown me what I hold most important about the U.S. democracy. From a financial and healthcare perspective, I could ramble on for hours about policies and what most U.S. citizens don’t understand about their own government.

Waking up today to the news of the Presidential Race, overall, I am disgusted at comments coming from my friends. Facebook is an evil thing. While I hold great appreciation for those that speak their voice and opinion, it should be a disclaimer that one should educate themselves on the subject before getting involved.

Living abroad and seeing firsthand how involved other countries feel about the U.S. election is alarming. America can claim to be a powerhouse, but our country’s image stretches far and unfortunately too many non-U.S. citizens have absolutely no idea about our government to have a chance to share their opinion. Half of the U.S. itself doesn’t understand the government. I know I have some homework to do on U.S. policies.

In short, think about what you’re saying, think about where you are getting your information from. Congratulations, you have an opinion.

Team America

F* yea. I think I’ll watch that movie gem tonight and celebrate.

A bit awkward celebrating independence day from the country you are currently living in.

On that note, Happy 4th of July y’all. Don’t burn up with the fireworks, I mean that literally.

Netflix Arrives In The UK

Remember that episode of Friends where the guys get free porn and are afraid to change the channel in case it goes away? When I logged on to Netflix this weekend and gained access I had the same reaction. I couldn’t believe we were able to view some of our favorite shows and movies we’ve been missing on this side of the pond.
Curtain rises on Netflix in the UK

Glad Netflix worked out their visa and customs issues. I can get back to becoming a fan of Breaking Bad. Now if Pandora would take notice.

In other random news you can’t use… it might be a known thing that European customer service is, well, not the best. We Americans like speed, results, prompt answers. Unfortunately, I will have to continue to wait for my Christmas present to be resized. Should be back in by next Christmas at this rate.

Conversation between me and the jewelery store sales lady:
Me: Hiya. I dropped off a ring to get resized. I am waiting to hear back on when it will be ready.

Sales Lady: Well if we had heard anything we would have rang you back.

Me: Do you know when I might hear back?

Sales Lady: As soon as we hear something.


Five By Five

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

Five things you don’t know about me:

  1. I have successfully predicted all of my close friend’s pregnancies. I dream that a friend is pregnant and immediately call my gals and, sure as sugar, one of them will be pregnant. It’s the only time I have dreamt about someone being pregnant.  Freaky, I know.
  2. I listen to Christmas music when I’m stressed out. Yes, even in June.
  3. I appeared in an NSync video. Yea, be jealous. I was the one crying and holding a poster. It was beautiful.
  4. I started running after watching Lance Armstrong in The Tour de France. Seeing his performance had a profound effect on me.
  5. I can’t go one day without talking to someone in my family. Via email or phone, I harass someone I love on a constant basis.

Five things I’m good at:

  1. Whistling. It’s my party trick. I can call a man from a mile away, works well when the hus wanders off.
  2. My job. I am dayum good at working in communications. I have a passion for my work and have been blessed to work with some amazing, and famous, people.
  3. Baking. Move over Betty Crocker and Sandra Lee. It’s fun, you work with sweets and everyone loves a cupcake.
  4. Making people laugh. I get my wit from my father and I am fortunate to have the gift to make people smile and laugh. Laughter takes the edge off, and it’s important to never take yourself too seriously. There is no better feeling than when your face and stomach hurt from laughing hard.
  5. Running. You knew that was coming, right? On my first half marathon when I came in under 2 hours, I realized I might actually have a shot at being good at running. Persistence and hard work has helped me place in races and set my half PR at 1:38 and marathon at 3:40. #bam

Five things I believe in:

  1. God and Christianity. (enough said)
  2. Forgiveness. Everyone deserves to be forgiven. It’s the whole, “let go, let God” belief. You don’t do it for anyone else, you do it for yourself to move on.
  3. Soul mates. My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song.
  4. Family. I don’t care if your family tree is a bush or a branch. Families keep you grounded. I can only hope that the family I start will have as much love as I am surrounded by.
  5. Music. It’s heartache, it’s salvation, it’s love. It’s what your feelings sound like.

End scene.

An Open Letter to My Brother: Happy Birthday, You’re not as old as you will be next year.

Dear Mikey,

It’s your birthday. Get crazy and do what YOU want. That marathon of Battlestar Galactica calling your name? Live the day like the Honey Badger. The birthday world is your oyster.

Wow, in a month I won’t be able to make fun of how old you are. Let me enjoy what little time I have left. I always remember your birthday as a kid, probably because I can still feel your hand on my face as you try to push me out of your party. I always hated any day that you got more attention than me.

I’m glad that we always made huge deals out of birthdays; I’ve seen what happens to those that don’t – it’s miserable. The paging 42779 2478329 exactly at 12:00 AM, then we progressed to calling.

What was your favorite birthday present? I hope it was one I gave you, that year I sent the Hawaiian import adult beverage was a good one. I’m sure there is a sweet GI Joe or micro machine in there too. Your birthday is always at a good time of year, and anytime we could celebrate around Halloween, a win-win.

I wish we were 7 and could go back to Ryan’s, strictly for the “Happy Birthday We’re So Glad You Came” theme song. Make bendy straw glasses at Pizza Hut. Or smell like plastic from the ball pit at Chuckie Cheese. I’d settle for any of those places.

Thanks for always making me feel like a kid, maybe that’s why I think Disney and Universal can honestly be the best places on earth. Stay young, keep your humor. When our looks go, it’s all we have. (but, like our looks will really go. We have good genes.)

Most of all I wish we were younger only because it meant we’d always be together on our birthdays. College, life, it moves you around. I might not be there today, but please know I’m thinking about you – tons. Here’s to balloons, cakes, candles, memories and awesome presents.

Happy birthday to the best big brother. You, my dear, are the best thing that happened to me (don’t tell Andy or Indy).

Love you most,

daylight savings time. You spring forward, then you fall back. Like Charlie Sheen getting out of bed.

An avid celebrity enthusiast, I will address the Halloween insanity from yesterday. Thank you to the Skankensteins for running amuck in the media.

1. Jessica Simpson announces her pregnancy. Phew, we can all rest easier knowing that some media company was stupid enough to pay her to tell people the obvious. And might I add, kudos that it’s not gas, weight gain or a food baby.

2. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries file for divorce. I would like to congratulate E! on the biggest coup and most expensive wedding stunt. Shame on all of us for even talking about this gar-bage. If you can name one real thing about her or her marriage I’ll give you $5.

On to November. It feels like we have been here much longer than three months, and I mean that in a good way.

This weekend we got ahead of the game and signed up for daylight savings. Things I like about daylight savings: for a full week I’m an hour closer to EST — meaning I can harrass my friends and family back home at a semi-normal hour.

Things I hate about daylights savings:

Is that a 4? Yep. The sun is super tired these days and likes to go to bed early. The only bright side is that we have a solid month of this and then we’ll be back to gaining some sunshine each day around Christmas.

It is quite bizarre to not have any Publix Thanksgiving commercials on TV. Never thought I’d miss a turkey or the Macy’s Day Parade this much. With that said, instead of candy corn, send anything with a turkey on it, okay?