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I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


Photo of the Week

photo 3

It’s almost December. Our little town is pretty special this time of year. Lights, tiny Christmas trees, sprinkled throughout town centre.

Happy holidays!

Autumn in Britain

What you won’t find in this country is candy corn and canned Libby, but what you will find….

Election coverage: Yep, it’s a BFD over here. At first this bothered me because I somewhat feel it’s nonyabusiness outside the U.S., but as a international powerhouse I understand the world’s fascination. Floored to read the international and U.S. headlines talking about Romney’s dominant performance. When someone asks me who I’m voting for.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, much to the dismay of this journalist who rants, “Britain should resist the US pumpkin invasion.” Brits must still be confused by the pumpkin coffee invasion as I continue to see samples being passed out.

Flickering flames of open fires in pubs. If I can’t drink, I can be cozy.

SCUFFINS! Eat me Dunkin Donuts. I’ve found a place that makes homemade scuffins. Part scone, part muffin. It’s like one big muffin top. Please leave the muffin top jokes out of this cause I would most definitely have you beat.

Comedian Tom Stade. Seriously haven’t laughed this hard in forever. Be prepared to snort and hurt your ribs. He’s a Canadian that recently moved to the UK.

Cheers, to 2012

What an absolutely amazing holiday. Christmas back in the states was incredible. My favourite day of the year has gone by too quickly again.

I wish Georgia had welcomed us with sunshine, but instead we were covered in the clouds for most of our stay. The 60s were nice to see again. Being back at home was overwhelming at times. It was my first time home in nearly five months, the longest I have ever gone from seeing my family. We were greeted with quite the fanfare as Norak wasted no time whipping out the birthday balloons and cake. From seeing family and friends, some old and some brand new, we were running around the entire time home.

We had a beautiful Christmas, and I was spoiled as always with presents. Maybe I’m old, maybe I’m sentimental, but being home was the best present. Something about being with my family on Christmas Eve just does it for me.

And if you are experiencing sugar withdrawals back in Georgia, I apologise. Norak and I baked an obscene amount of cookies. Sugar cookies, brownies, thumbprints, peanut butter cookies, mint brownies, pretzel Rollos, seven layer bar…I know I am forgetting some. I learned you can beat jet lag with the help of Betty Crocker at 7 AM.

When we traveled back to England we were able to carry along with us some very special cargo. We are happy to report that Indiana Jones is here now with mom and dad. Whoop! I know he misses his grandparents, but he’s getting accustomed to everything just fine. I’ll post the story of his adventure later when I stop crying. I’ve created a Twitter account so Norak knows he’s doing OK. Again, I’m becoming way too sentimental for my own good. Go ahead, you know you want to follow him

It was all a whirlwind.

So to 2012, I write a few short notes…
dear Mikey and Heather – I am counting on seeing you in a few months (weeks really!)
dear Indy – we are beyond lucky to have you here in England. Now mind those bits and bobs.
dear Target – I miss your smell already.
dear summer – hurry up.
dear hus – you never cease to amaze me.
dear friends and family – come visit, like yesterday.
dear Kardashians – enough. Leave us alone. We don’t want anything you are selling.
dear whatever is in store – bring it.

If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.

Christmas cheer was spread all over Shropshire this weekend. I told y’all Friday about our big Santa Safari this weekend. I think the makers of that amazing YouTube advert should run a full disclaimer at the bottom:


The “just two adults,” “where’s your child,” “is the engagement ring in your pocket” jokes from the elves were a bit of a giveaway that we’d be in trouble. We safari’d, and we saw Santa. Although, Santa didn’t look excited to see us, maybe confused. I had to ask to sit on his lap. Definitely the first time we said we need a kid.

But I will say the location was wicked and the cave smelled like a big delicious Christmas tree. The reindeer were legit too. The hus liked riding in the D90 but was disappointed when we were only offered fruit punch. To which I replied, “Fruit punch with what?” You elves have any special cocoa for the adults?

After a shaky safari, we headed out Sunday to pick mistletoe. A family tradition of one of our mates. We schlepped hiked five miles in the rain a bit to find the perfect mistletoe. Andrew, wasting no time, plucked the biggest mistletoe on the mountain. It wasn’t until the return back to the car that the bottom fell out. We were absolutely soaked. I tried to grab a sheep for cover.

We found the closest pub to warm up by the fire. Can’t say we’ve had a boring weekend here since we’ve moved. Although I am still drying out, we had quite the festive weekend.

Will you please tell Santa that instead of presents this year, I just want my family back?

This weekend I might explode from too much Christmas Cheer.

When we first thought about moving to Shrewsbury someone told the hus about a Shropshire Christmas tradition. Every year a local countryside park allows locals to, “enjoy a magical adventure by Landrover through the Follies woodland to see Santa in his real hillside grotto.” This may have been one of the deciding factors for our move.

Tomorrow we head out on our Santa Safari, which I have been looking forward to since I booked a month ago.We get to visit a Swiss Cottage and Santa’s Workshop, under the Wishing Arch and through Santa’s spectacular network of caves to meet him in his Grotto.

Grotto, I know what you’re thinking — the whole Playboy grotto thing — but we’re just going to go sit on some old man’s lap.

Anyways, bring on the hot cocoa and REAL reindeer.

Sunday we are heading out with some locals for another tradition, mistletoe picking. Apparently this is a family tradition of a mate of ours. We’ll see how it one goes.

Hope your weekend is filled with holiday parties and plans!

The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

My favourite, favourite time of the year. Shrewsbury is decorated with lights and trees, and since it gets dark around 4:30, it makes the evenings a bit more bearable to see everything all aglow.

The coolest holiday décor are these 2 foot trees that line the streets. Bonus, they are real. We plus up’d the wreaths on windows over here y’all.

I’ve sprinkled Christmas dust all over the house. I love our tree, but it’s tiny and missing my ornaments. But, it’s our tree and it’s in England. I’ll get over it.

Sadly, I had to Google the “Target Lady” advert to see what all this laughing was about. Hilarious. Thanks Lu!

First Annual “Tom Day”

Sometimes going into a weekend with no plans turns out to be the weekend where you have the best time. This weekend we celebrated a friend. Our mate Tom was making his small screen debut on “The Antiques Road Show.” To prep for the viewing party we renamed Sunday Funday “Tom Day.”

Tom was appearing as a part of a special Remembrance edition of the Antiques Roadshow. He’s the grandson of a heroic WW2 army chaplain. To commemorate the big day, a group of us traveled around Shropshire to learn a bit of history. We were promised a “quintessential” English afternoon.

Our first tour stop was to the Ludlow Castle. Unlike the other castles Andrew and I have visited, we had to pay admission, which meant we knew it would be good. It was a beautiful, massive, castle. Loads of history. From there we stopped off at a few local pubs. And our last stop was to visit the grave of Tom’s grandfather. He is buried in a small town outside of Ludlow and the area is spectacular. Quaint, and a special place for his family.

Tom’s big tele premiere was epic and we definitely think his appearance should help bring in the throngs of birds. Think Prince William, with way better hair.

Best of all, I came up with the grandiose idea to create “friend days” where we all get together and do something that the person wants to do. Example: if Andrew decided he wanted to camp, we’d all have to go camping and all day would be “Andrew’s Day.” These days cannot fall on holidays or the person’s birthday. It’s a cool way to do something you’ve always wanted to do and bring your friends along.

Another fantastic weekend around town. This week shouldn’t disappoint, as we will be heading to Rome in a few days. November, I like you.