Four Month Anniversary


Age: 4 months
Weight: 14 (ish) lbs

Milestones: There were tons this month. Teething started a few weeks ago, and the past two weeks have seen the most noticeable changes since he was born. We found our big smile and giggle. Hard to beat the sound of a babe laughing. Hello, feet! He likes to sit up on his own perched against something. Holding that heavy melon up. Putting weight on his chunky legs. Close to mastering the roll over.
Best Moment: Finally having him meet more of his family and friends.
Worst Moment: Schlepping him internationally and putting up with jet lag. Our sleep schedule is an absolute mess.
Eating: Milkshakes. I made it 4 months exclusive and it’s time to bring in the reserves. Formula! I like to think of it as a daily multivitamin he gets before bed.
Notables: The family seems to think he slipped out a “mama.” We all heard it and I wasn’t too fussed until I saw everyone else’s reaction. Still think, too soon.

He’s now an international traveler.

Attended his first Georgia game.

Learned how to fall asleep anywhere.

Carted around Target.

Got a touch of an itty bitty tan.

Side sleeper.





bubbles 2

photo 1



Giggling Twinkie from Nichole Mrasek on Vimeo.


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