Team America

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Jet lag lingers. Double that time with a babe.

Ryder’s first plane ride. First international flight. He didn’t cry once. I still think I’m crazy for doing it. Sat in my lap the whole 10 hours.

Sharing our joy with everyone for the first time is emotional. Their faces are priceless. Glad I’m able to finally show off our fantastic man. He certainly isn’t getting any smaller. Wish dad was here to celebrate.

Thank you spring weather! Going outside without layering up is amazing. My translucent skin can use all the UV it can get. Ryder’s melon is another story.

There have been a million first new experiences. He’s become much more animated and vocal. Ryder is also completely off a schedule, which I’m paying for at night.

The Georgia Spring Game almost was worth the trip alone. It made me miss college for the first time. Papa was thrilled to take Rye to his first Georgia game. Ryder loved the marching band.

It’s truly been an outstanding first week home. I am thankful for the family and friends who have gone out of their way to say a simple hello.


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