Sabbatical: Daily Entertainment

Visa Watch, Day 25

Good news is that things are moving in the “UK Government favors us” kind of way. Everything is going per the normal Visa approval process. We are continuing to narrow down our packing and prep for a mid July launch date. Anxious doesn’t begin to describe the feeling.

Recap of ways I continue to entertain myself —
Tennis: sometimes multiple lessons a day.
Costco: even if we don’t need something the samples make a good afternoon snack run.
Cooking: move over Next Food Network Star I’ve been busy.
Home Renovations: anyone who owns a home knows that there is always something to do around a house.
History Lessons: brushing up on UK and European history, actually quite fascinating.
Tour De France: this is all the motivation I need to get on a bike and move my a**.

coffee and cycling, best part of waking up


One comment

  1. I bet you are sooo ready to get over there! What fun. Love the ways you’re keeping busy – I’d join you at Costco and tennis if I could! 🙂

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