What I’ve Learned from Moving

Big week in our household. Movers arrived and our visas are approved. I refuse to give the official “move date” – a bit superstitious.

Moving is a whirlwind, even with professional help. We’ve had a few weeks to get everything ready for the float across the Atlantic and it is still not enough time to organize. This is my third big move and while I may not have the whole moving thing perfected, I certainly learned more this time around.

1. Let go and let God. Yes, this proverb holds true to moving. That shirt you always loved but haven’t worn in a year, or what about that extra set of $15 Target sheets you were saving just because? Tis time to cut the cord and find good owners that might actually get use out of your old items. I found some great local animal shelters and Goodwill locations to drop items off.

2. Don’t steal soaps from hotels. I don’t care even if it is Bliss Spa or L’OCCITANE. My guest bathroom soaps, shampoos and lotions runneth over.

3. Purge once a month. OK that might be excessive but I was floored at how much we had accumulated over the past few years. To look back and realized I registered for six juice glasses still makes me ill. When was the last time six people came over to your place and all wanted juice at the same time? It’s smart to take inventory and weigh the wants vs. needs and old vs. new things in your life.

4. Americans are gluttons. Moving from a big honking home in the states to a European home is quite the wake-up call. I now pass houses driving down the road and wonder how much crap is shoved in people’s homes. God bless America and our materialistic society but I welcome thinning out our belongings.

Moving on…


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