On My Mind


Making your own luck.
When life hands you lemons, hand me vodka and make me a drink.
Go Red Wings.
Aowaa is an official language.
Tulips are my fave.
I drink iced coffee because I will not let the weather dictate my mood. And I like straws.
There are blogs.for.everything.
Cycling and more cycling.
Home offices.
Prayer + patience + more prayer.
Authentic happiness.
Need to have a proper tea.


Don’t Mind If We Do

London is a tropical destination.
I can still stay up later than those without a baby.
You can rank breakfast sandwiches.
It’s bad luck to have a full cabinet of wine glasses.
Hotel lobbies make for a great photo shoot.
Baby flamingos are the cutest.
Don’t ever, ever try to justify watching FOX News. Ever.
We know where the Queen gets her eggs.
Rowing. Regatta. So posh. Little boats all over the place.
Even Britons can be in shock over the weather.












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Weekend Snapshots

The weather for bank holiday weekend was glorious. I’m tan. Did you hear that?! Only took two years. A dear friend remarked that I had freckles. Ah, bless.

We filled the weekend with BBQ with mates, hiking (more like a flippin BOB advert), and soaking up the glorious sun.

Yes, what an exciting update. Sorry this giant ball of orange goodness has me all sorts of distracted.

Ps – Suppose to rain tomorrow.

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Good Day, Sunshine

Dear England,

Thank you very much for the absolute most perfect sunny, springy day ever.

I’d appreciate it if you make sure we get these every once and awhile. Something tells me we just had the first and last day of summer.

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Living Local

Living in a small town, supporting local is important to do, and sometimes all you can do.


We adore our farmers market that we visit a few times a week; giving us lower prices than the grocers on farm fresh produce and meat.

It’s the shops too – from coffee to vintage goods.

You know the owners, they know you. It’s a unique relationship that I will someday come to miss when we decide to move back to the states.

I’m appreciative of the small town businesses and understand how much support means to their livelihood.

Get out there and pay attention. Maybe it’s skipping Starbucks for your local shop, or buying a gift from a handmade shop. It’s important to the economy and good for the soul.


Enthusiasm is the most important thing in life.

Best part about dad’s business trips are the presents.
Dinner parties are a riot.
Babes on a schedule are a dreamboat.
I’m an adult, but I have homework.
My friends are freaking amazefest. #building
Good coffee and patio weather make for a beautiful afternoon.
London friends have all the fun.

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Bless This Pep Talk

When you can’t say it any better yourself:

Gratitude While You Wait.
Pep Talk: Waiting to hear important news can be very stressful. So it’s a good time to remember how fortunate you are. You have a strong support system of people who love you. You have the guts to try new things and be yourself. You have the strength to support and encourage others while pursuing your own dreams. You’re adaptable enough to bounce back from anything. Whatever the outcome, you’re going to be fine. Always have been, always will be.

Today remind yourself: Gratitude while I wait.

Four Month Anniversary


Age: 4 months
Weight: 14 (ish) lbs

Milestones: There were tons this month. Teething started a few weeks ago, and the past two weeks have seen the most noticeable changes since he was born. We found our big smile and giggle. Hard to beat the sound of a babe laughing. Hello, feet! He likes to sit up on his own perched against something. Holding that heavy melon up. Putting weight on his chunky legs. Close to mastering the roll over.
Best Moment: Finally having him meet more of his family and friends.
Worst Moment: Schlepping him internationally and putting up with jet lag. Our sleep schedule is an absolute mess.
Eating: Milkshakes. I made it 4 months exclusive and it’s time to bring in the reserves. Formula! I like to think of it as a daily multivitamin he gets before bed.
Notables: The family seems to think he slipped out a “mama.” We all heard it and I wasn’t too fussed until I saw everyone else’s reaction. Still think, too soon.

He’s now an international traveler.

Attended his first Georgia game.

Learned how to fall asleep anywhere.

Carted around Target.

Got a touch of an itty bitty tan.

Side sleeper.





bubbles 2

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Giggling Twinkie from Nichole Mrasek on Vimeo.

On My Mind

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Family is everything.
Why is everyone so angry with Tiger?
I want the neon Armani Exchange watch.
Glad Pinot Grigio is back in my life.
I’ve bought too much UGA and Sweetwater merchandise. Exit through the gift shop.
I’m OK with my redneck tan lines. They’re becoming.
Speaking of, Duck Dynasty – yes mam!
Thank you On Demand for letting me catch up on all my SNL episodes.
Local news and The Today Show – glorious.
I’ve been on time to things.
Secretly want the UK to get What Would Ryan Lochte Do?