Nothing To It But To Do It

Last post was kind of heavy, sorry about that kids. On to the fun five.

1. It’s sad that I truly enjoy the Pillsbury updates on Facebook, especially when they share news of Peanut Butter Toast Crunch. Hellz yes. Eat it, Cinnamon. Come to think of it, I can’t tell you a cereal I’ve found at the grocery store here with marshmallows in it. Filed under, things that keep me up at night.


2. BOB. Christmas come late/realllly early. Running with the bambino HIGHLIGHT of the day.


3. Homeland. Angela Chase initially deterred me from this show, but now I’m hooked. I know…late.


4. SweetWater LowRYEder IPA. Andrew brews, y’all know that right? Note to self: always copyright things.


5. Beyonce Bowl. Vom. It was great, but not OMGFNBESTFNTHINGEVER. Which is why I love stories like this: Beyoncé team request removal of “unflattering” Super Bowl photos. So fierce, it’s painful.




  1. 1. I will not even acknowledge that pb toast crunch even exists. It would not be good for my skinny jeans.
    2. Love love love my bob.
    3. I have watched all seasons of Lost on my maternity leave. A little late on that train.
    4. Ménage tuis wine is the bomb.
    5. Agreed.

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