London Town, London Bound

We are heading to the big city to grab Monsieur Ryder’s passport, social, etc. We’ll be hitting up the U.S. Embassy to make him a proper citizen. He’ll still have his Britishnish, but we need him sorted with a U.S. passport as it is much easier to travel with mum and dad.

That being said, I needed a little pep talk to get myself ready for our first big adventure with a newborn.


You’re Testing The Borders Of Your Comfort Zone.
Pep talk: It’s very brave that you’re trying something new. You may find that this challenge suits you. If it doesn’t, that’s fine to, you don’t have to commit. The important thing is that you have the confidence in yourself to try. You’re growing in interesting directions.

Today remind yourself: I’m testing the borders of my comfort zone.



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