I’m A Little Teapot

In order to get my dad any gift for the holidays I have to start planning now. He gets excited over a) hunting gear or b) UGA paraphernalia. When my parents dropped by over the holidays there was one thing that lit my father up like a Christmas tree…

photoThe Electric Kettle!

Mind blown yet? This bad boy boils water in 30-60 seconds, which is beautiful if you’re an avid coffee drinker, or cook. It was one of the first things we adored finding out everyone had over here. Yes, they are in the states but in the UK people rely on them more. You don’t really find the water cooler or coffee machine hot water set-up. Did I mention tea is kind of a big deal?

To learn that my dad was ready to let go of his trusty old-fashioned whistling kettle was a true miracle. The man has worn the same cologne since birth — not big on change.

Anyways, we love it and you fancy pants Americans, with all your counter space, could use one.


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