New Year, New Normal

My chef, butler, dog walker and nanny have all left. We’re back to trying out new things again. These few weeks have been a whirlwind. I’d like to smack thank England for the stunning weather while the fam was here. Rained. Every. Day.

Nana and papa ventured to the big city of London and I’m glad they took in a bit of history while they were on the island.

It was great celebrating with family but we had to get back to normal, eventually.

My to do list is lengthy and I’m ready for the challenges. Trying to figure out what is routine will be interesting.

Lately, I’m most thankful for bending at the waist, putting on socks by myself, and enjoying a glass of wine in public. I can now get ready in under half the time I use to, which is welcomed by the hus. It’s not about me anymore.

Tooting horn in 3, 2…I’m back in my wardrobe, thank the friggin heavens. I’d sleep in jeans at this point. I really hate to sound snotty, but I stayed semi-healthy throughout, worked out daily right up until delivery, and it’s important to share that it’s not impossible to get your body back – somewhat. Am I bikini ready? Hell no. But your body is forgiving. I’ll share more on recovery over at LFTR later. Andrew could have wrapped my old clothes for Christmas.

Slowly coming off house arrest, and when we are able to get out and about as a full fam it’s truly rewarding.

Soaking up the joy in each day.









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