Welcome To The World


We proudly welcomed Ryder Andrew at 12:13 PM on December 18. Rye clocked in at 7 lbs 11 oz, 23 inches. The best belated birthday present, ever.

My oven is spectacular; we did have to go in and get him. He’s a healthy baby hippo with massive hands and feet.

We are still figuring out parenthood but every day we look at him, look at each other, and can’t believe it.

The biggest surprise about being a mom is how calm it has made me. I am typically the frantic one, but I welcome the middle of the night wake-ups and there is nothing better in this entire world than having a naked baby on your chest. I feel a bit more gentle and your motherly instincts really do kick right in.

Our first Christmas with a newborn, in another country, is one my whole family will remember forever. We made new traditions, missed some old, and can’t believe he’s only been with us just over a week. Celebrating this milestone with my parents in town has been perfect. Glad to have family here to show off the babe.

Ryder most certainly takes after his dad, right down to the trademark stork pinch just like Andrew.


Forget making a schedule and forget making plans, there is one person around here who makes all the rules. I’ve been slowly but surely getting back to routine, a quick trip to the ER set me back a day or two, but getting Ryder out on walks and showing him some of our favourite spots around town is important to us.

I count my blessings as I am grateful for a healthy pregnancy, which gave us a healthy munchkin. Looking forward to ringing in 2013 and all the wonderful happenings we have to look forward to in the new year.

And now, a montage! There’s about 400 more where this came from.
























  1. Congrats Nikki! He is precious! Enjoy every moment, they fly by. I laughed at that until I had Alexis… and now she is 10! I hope you are feeling back to yourself soon.

  2. Andy and Nikki, he is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love the one with Andy snoozing with the baby and dog. I have some of uncle Matt and the girls like that. Enjoy every min. they grow up so fast. Love to all of you.

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