A Very Merry Unbirthday To Me

birthday2meThis is the first birthday I can remember where I haven’t planned a damn thing. Haven’t even thought about it.

I’ll take these last few quiet moments to think about someone else’s birthday.

Mr Baby,

I still remember the day I found out. I kept it our secret for a few precious hours before I let everyone else in on what is to be our greatest joy and accomplishment. I’ve been keeping you all to myself, selfishly, for months now, and evidently I’ve made you an awesome home.

We are waiting for you, can’t wait to see your face, head of hair, and big ol’ belly.

I’m glad you’ve taught me to truly enjoy Fleetwood Mac, ice cold glasses of milk, and to slow down and sit in moments of quiet. I’ll remember the sleepless nights walking with you and talking. I will also remember singing “All I Want for Christmas” in the shower every morning for the month of December trying to persuade you to meet the world.

I hope you’re used to Indy’s antics, nana’s endless patting, and your father’s inability to sit still.

Our world is about to change and when I think about meeting you, I’m overwhelmed, anxious, and insanely happy.

So today, I can’t wait to wish you ‘happy birthday.’



  1. Happy birthday!
    It’s so overwhelming to think about being a parent, isn’t it? Life changes so drastically.
    I delivered 3 weeks early on nov 28th. It has been the hardest & most amazing thing I have ever done. I can’t wait to read about your experiences! Enjoy!

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