The Most Celebrations Squeezed Into One Weekend

Proper Disney World tired today. We kicked off the weekend with a friends 90s themed fancy dress birthday bash. Roo went as one of the dudes from Men in Black, and I went as 9 months prego. I have 1. Never seen so many spice girls costumes in one place 2. Been asked if I was really pregnant.

I was right depressed on Thursday seeing everyone’s yummy Thanksgiving celebrations back in the states. On Saturday we more than made up for it. Our 2nd Annual Euro Thanksgiving was a massive success. This year we knew what we were doing. The food was amazefest. Big ol’ 17 pounder turkey and all the fixings, which included a British twist. Go on and Google Yorkshire Puddings. I loved feeding everyone Libby’s pumpkin pie for the first time. Norak’s Sweet Potato Casserole was the favourite dish of the night, two year’s running. We stuffed ourselves.

We celebrated Sunday Funday with a baby shower for Baby M. It was absolutely lovely. A tea party theme with a Christmas twist. More biscuits and nibbles. Did I mention how much we ate this weekend? It was beyond thoughtful of my friends, as baby showers are not very common on this side if the pond. It’s also quite crazy to think how quickly our lives are about to change.

This week should fly by again with more parties and holiday celebrations. I’ll take anything that keeps me busy.


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