35 Weeks – Did I catch a niner?

We are now somewhere between 34 and 36 weeks. I think this thing “got real” shortly after 33 weeks. My body is officially ready for the final countdown.

How far into this thing? 35 weeks
Maternity Clothes? Mmhmm. I kept some old clothes and am stretching them out. Roo’s shirts are SO comfy. I have also grown fond of patterned tights.
Stretch marks? No. How, genetics? Seriously, I can’t stretch any farther!
Best moment this week? Still being prego. We’ve had some moments and I’m glad that Ram is hanging in there a few more weeks.
Miss anything?  Running. I walk Indy and when people pass by it absolutely crushes me. I just want to chase after them.
Movement? One word: hiccups. It is insane how often this kiddo gets the hiccups. Feels like I am carrying a Mexican jumping bean.
Food cravings? Oranges. I cannot eat enough fresh oranges.
Belly Button in or out? In, but definitely flat.
Workouts? Toni Braxton/Taylor Hicks, back pain, count me out. I’ve been grounded. It sucks, but what’s a few weeks in the long run? Get it?? A wise friend said the less I do now, the more I can do later.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Hapoody.
Looking forward to? Christmas. Because I have a good feeling we’ll be parents by then.

Listen, I’ve talked a good game, but the last two weeks have been rough. We had our first hospital visit and I’ve had some appointments last longer than they should. The tricky stage of pregnancy is 34 – 37 weeks. Every pain has you guessing. I have been super uncomfortable and have phoned every girlfriend with a babe and asked, “Is [insert problem] normal?” I had such an easy pregnancy up to this point and I’m caught off guard. Toni Braxton is kicking my a**.

On to happier news. We are ready. I am anxious about the arrival and I know every time I call the hus he’s thinking, “Is this it?” The nursery is amazeballs. It kind of came together on its own. Although he’ll be spending more time in our room for the first few weeks, we have a nice lounge area to hangout.

I’m off to go make one of those paper chain thingys to help me countdown these last few days!!



  1. You’re doing better than I did! Just think… I had Reese @ 37 weeks & I think Taff had H around then too….. that’s 2 weeks away! I better get a pic ASAP! ((Hugs))

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