Quite the American Weekend

The last movie I saw in the cinema was “The Muppets.” #sad Friday night we had a date night/no hate night and saw “Skyfall.” No way was I missing Daniel Craig on the big screen, mmmm. Brilliant Bond flick, definitely one of my favourites.

You can’t take us anywhere.

Saturday we continued our uber American festivities by heading to a bueno Mexican chain establishment and outlet shopping. Yes, “outlets.” A proper outlet mall! It felt like I was dropped off in the middle of Orlando.

And here’s when you know not to order Mexican at a Mexican restaurant. When they serve you popcorn instead of chips when you sit down:

Then, for the grand finale we hit up Costco. We have known Costcos were in the UK but haven’t felt the need to shop at one. Our house isn’t exactly equipped for bulk buying. Andrew wasn’t even out of the car in the Costco parking lot when he shouted, “Even the parking spaces are American.” Meaning they are big enough to actually open the car door and get out of the vehicle normally. EU spaces are teeny tiny. You couldn’t smack the smile off his face. And we went aisle-by-aisle through the store. It was an exact American replica. Complete with samples and the cheap pizza and yogurt food bar. It was great finding some of our favourite staples, but I wasn’t able to complete my sell to Andrew about needing 60 frozen waffles. I haven’t seen 1 waffle(s) in ages. I have needs too.

Sunday we were prepping the guest room for actual guests and plotting our Euro Thanksgiving menu. We are knackered.

This week will be one zebra shy of a zoo with the town lighting festival, birthday celebrations, holiday shopping, and baking/cooking for Turkey day.



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