And Now A Message From Our Sponsor: The Presidential Election

Watching the election drama unfold miles away was an experience. Living in another country has shown me what I hold most important about the U.S. democracy. From a financial and healthcare perspective, I could ramble on for hours about policies and what most U.S. citizens don’t understand about their own government.

Waking up today to the news of the Presidential Race, overall, I am disgusted at comments coming from my friends. Facebook is an evil thing. While I hold great appreciation for those that speak their voice and opinion, it should be a disclaimer that one should educate themselves on the subject before getting involved.

Living abroad and seeing firsthand how involved other countries feel about the U.S. election is alarming. America can claim to be a powerhouse, but our country’s image stretches far and unfortunately too many non-U.S. citizens have absolutely no idea about our government to have a chance to share their opinion. Half of the U.S. itself doesn’t understand the government. I know I have some homework to do on U.S. policies.

In short, think about what you’re saying, think about where you are getting your information from. Congratulations, you have an opinion.


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