Halloween Hangover

This week has me absolutely exhausted.

My fabulous family shipped me candy corn, which has to be the most expensive candy corn ever. But I love seeing people’s faces when they try it for the first time.

Andrew tried to show me how to carve the pumpkin, before he got frustrated and did it himself.

We had some fun at work, at my expense?

I share this picture with you for no other reason than it looks like I shoved a pillow under my shirt. What is that?

With all the Halloween excitement, Indy completely left us in the middle of pumpkin carving and put himself to bed. He is already over Mr Baby.

I found the BEST app. Whats App let’s me text my friends and fam back home in the states FOR FREE. I know, it’s like having a normal cell phone, but whatever – I’m hooked!


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