Happy Halloween – You Pumpkin Smuggler

Well “Andy Jr,” you’re now 8 months. High five.

How far into this thing? 32 weeks
Maternity Clothes? Why can’t sweats be dressy? I am def most comfortable in leggings and big sweaters. The chunkier, the better.
Stretch marks? No, well from what I can see, but do I check every.single.day.
Best moment this week? Andrew can literally get Mr Baby to kick him on command. It’s crazy.
Miss anything?  Putting my shoes on in 30 seconds. Mulled wine. My jeans.
Movement? We’ve gone from gentle waves to trying out for the Olympics. I feel like a tumble dryer.
Food cravings? Cereal. I don’t discriminate. Any brand will do. Soaked in milk.
Belly Button in or out? Flat? It’s not out, but it ain’t in. Andrew told me I don’t even have a belly button anymore. [sad]
Workouts? I’ve switched to cycling and walking. Braxton Hicks (known around my house as Toni Braxton/Taylor Hicks) started last week and it’s not smart for me to keep running. I’m beyond upset, but what can you do. I sneak in a light jog if we’re feeling like it.
Happy or Moody most of the time? I don’t think anyone can be happy all the time. Do hot flashes count as moody?
Looking forward to? Enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy. It’s pretty cool what your body can do.

Let’s see, we’ve been busting with excitement lately. Andrew couldn’t sleep because of his hand, me because of Toni Braxton. We need to get our acts together to enjoy what quiet sleep we have left.

My theme song right now is complements of Queen and Mr David Bowie, Under Pressure. “Pressing down” is right. 1 point for gravity.

The nursery is amazeballs. Close to completion – sprucing it up now. It is however still crazy to think that there will be a tiny person in it soon. I poke my head in all the time and look around, gazing. It took me until last week to pop the tags off of things. You have all these things, for you, but not for you. I don’t know how to describe it besides bizarre. We’re going to need to buy two of anything stuffed and fuzzy because Dr Jones has not figured out that Mr Baby’s toys are not his.

And you do get huge, or at least you feel like it. I look down at myself all the time, or catch a glimpse in the mirror, in both shock and awe. How the…?

Happy Halloween! Last year we carved a “M” into the pumpkin and this year we thought why not tease everyone with a little initial. As my much much much older, wiser brother, says, “Do you think being ambiguous makes you any cooler?” Yes, yes I do. Enjoy the blooper reel.



  1. R stands for Roger, Robert, Richard, Ronald. Can’t wait for another 6 weeks and 3 days to come viist. Tell Baby RAM to hold it in for a few more weeks.

  2. How fun!!! “NORAK” is so proud and excited to meet her grandchild to be. 🙂 Sorry I’d missed you while you were in town. Best wishes, Sam

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