Thank You For Being A Friend

With Andrew travelling, the full moon, and early Guy Fawkes fireworks over the weekend, let’s just say I’m pleased to still be pregnant, bah!

Whilst Andrew was globetrotting in Barcelona for biz, I planned a girls weekend. Filled the weekend with great friends and good food. Listen, I can’t have wine which means I talk a lot more about nibbles. #dealwithit

Had an amazing dinner with a girlfriend who is due just three days after us. It was good talking to someone who is literally in the same boat as you. Although the poor people next to us at dinner definitely got an earful.

Saturday was a whirlwind of errands. I am at the point now where I am exhausted from to-do lists.

Sunday brunch, and more shopping. I am counting the days until Norak arrives to help me sort this all out. I need an assistant and unfortunately Dr Jones isn’t able to take the best notes.

How boring does this weekend end up sounding? Snooze-fest.

Daylight savings struck Saturday, here comes the 5PM darkness. And me getting up to wee at 2AM instead of 3AM. I did check the UGA football score Saturday at the crack of dawn and was floored to see we beat Florida. GO DAWGS!

This week we have HALLOWEEN!! I’ll be carving the pumpkin this year, as one-handy Andy can’t. You don’t realise just how much responsibility your right thumb has. I’m also dressing up for work. I’m pregnant, can’t get much more ridiculous looking at this point.

I had the chance to author a post for a company I adore! For Two Fitness – check out my article if you’re bored if you want to know what it’s like to workout with a watermelon under your shirt: A Runner’s Pregnancy Fitness Tips.


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