The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain

We ventured out into new Shropshire territory this weekend. I did mention it was glorious.

Earls Hill was suppose to be a nice Sunday trek, but I ended up scrambling up a goat track. We had the help of a mate otherwise it would have made for a much different post. I don’t know how they define “hills” around here, but for perspective, Kennesaw “Mountain” would be a gradual incline.

Me: (looking at the goat track) It’s not too high, and we’re at the top in about 10 min?
Mate/Tour Guide: Yep. Otherwise we take the nice easy trail but it takes about an hour.
Me: (looking up again at the goat track) I can see the top from here. We’re so close.

Andrew was smart and said nothing. I knew he wanted to go the quicker, more difficult way, but if I agreed and was miserable it was my own fault. My stubbornness got me in trouble. 7.5 months prego, schlepping it up a mountain. I patted my own back.



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