Autumn in Britain

What you won’t find in this country is candy corn and canned Libby, but what you will find….

Election coverage: Yep, it’s a BFD over here. At first this bothered me because I somewhat feel it’s nonyabusiness outside the U.S., but as a international powerhouse I understand the world’s fascination. Floored to read the international and U.S. headlines talking about Romney’s dominant performance. When someone asks me who I’m voting for.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, much to the dismay of this journalist who rants, “Britain should resist the US pumpkin invasion.” Brits must still be confused by the pumpkin coffee invasion as I continue to see samples being passed out.

Flickering flames of open fires in pubs. If I can’t drink, I can be cozy.

SCUFFINS! Eat me Dunkin Donuts. I’ve found a place that makes homemade scuffins. Part scone, part muffin. It’s like one big muffin top. Please leave the muffin top jokes out of this cause I would most definitely have you beat.

Comedian Tom Stade. Seriously haven’t laughed this hard in forever. Be prepared to snort and hurt your ribs. He’s a Canadian that recently moved to the UK.


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