All I Want for Christmas is Him

I am constantly asked when is Baby M’s due date. How can you forget Christmas Day? It’s December 25. Really, honestly, seriously.

We had another ultrasound this week because my BMI is low and Mr Baby is measuring in the 90th percentile. I’m currently carrying 3 pounds of baby thunder.

If you ask my father, bless, he’s sure as sugar they missed my date. For the record, your first appointment where they measure the baby, around 12 weeks, is the most accurate date. After 20 weeks, babies become more individual in size and shape. If your baby is smaller or bigger than average at, say 34 weeks, it doesn’t mean it is younger or older.

I’m actually glad it’s the 25th, because my chances of actually hitting that date are slim. If it was around New Year’s then I’d be nervous.

And for the record, I do this jiggle every mornin.


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