Busting Out – Like A Marshmallow In A Microwave

Happy 7 months to us, Mr Baby.

How far into this thing? 28 weeks
Maternity Clothes? A few select pieces, like a jacket. I’m sporting a lot of leggings, and jumpers are great so I don’t stretch out any of my clothes and don’t have to buy tons of new maternity clothes.
Stretch marks? Nope, crossing my fingers that I can make it without any till the end!
Best moment this week? We’ve decided on a name. HUGE deal.
Miss anything? WINE. Sleeping on my stomach. And feeling comfy, since Mr Baby is breech he’s ramming his little head into my ribs. A constant pain.
Movement? Oh, he’s athletic and very playful. I’m a human Gymboree.
Food cravings? Nada.
Belly Button in or out? In. I have a serious innie folks.
Workouts? I am still weight training per usual, and I’m running around 3 miles every other day. I am beyond fortunate to have the energy and strength to run comfortably.
Happy or Moody most of the time? You’re asking the wrong person. I say fine, but I sure as sugar was a crabby patty after getting locked out of the house for 4 hours this Saturday when the hubs went mountain biking. You would have thought I was left stranded in a 3rd world country.
Looking forward to? Getting the nursery sorted.

Right before we hit up the states a few weeks ago we got the good word from our midwife that Mr Baby is gargantuan. 95 percentile, measuring quite literally off the chart.The hits keep coming! As long as he’s healthy I don’t care how chubby his cheeks are. Bonus: chubby babies look less like old people.

Upon arriving in the states. It happened. I popped. Like a marshmallow in a microwave. I spent way too much time saying everything was OK and fitting. I popped while being thousands of miles away from ALL my clothes. The pants I brought didn’t fit, the dress I brought showed my backside thanks to the shrinking length. All in a matter of days.

I broke down, literally with an epic girl-cry-meltdown, and bought a few maternity clothes. GASP! Now there are some right cute prego ladies out there that will say they didn’t ever buy a thing that was maternity. Yea, good luck with that and call me when your sh*t is all stretched out when you’re done. Granted, prego fashion is slim pickings and if I ever see anything “rouched” post-pregnancy, it will be too soon. I have found a few cute shirts lying around the men’s department.

Oddly my pants fit again after coming home, leading me to officially blame my parents, Dunkin Donuts and Chick-Fil-A.

At seven months, Roo was most excited about this baby update: Your baby is actually practicing all kinds of movements that will eventually be used in life on the outside — including pedaling against your belly, a sort of prewalking skill.

We can’t believe that Christmas is under three months away, and when you count things in weeks it’s supah short.

As far as how we’ve got on so far, pregnancy is a bit like being sick for nine months. People are always asking you how you are feeling. (I mean that in the kindest way). I think the easiest thing to say is that it’s something new.every.day. You’re never 100%. That’s what happens when you’re a human snow globe.



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