Fall in love with the back of your cereal box.

Autumn has arrived in Shrewsbury. Unfortunately the only thing that is falling is rain.

Dr Jones has a new lead! The white monster was running my arm off and we are now trying this elastic-stretchy thing. Day two: I’m not sure who’s running who.

Nesting – what I define is “living in excel documents.” My baby brain means I have about 100 post-it notes lying around with things to remember. Bless you Google docs.

I really wish this place would step up their Halloween decorations. I miss the commericalisation of the States. And you can forget candy corn.

If you want a good read for the potty in your spare time, check out an overview on “The Road to Glory”, a Sky documentary about the quest of the Sky Pro Cycling Team to be the first British cycling team to win the Tour de France. You gain some fascinating insight into the meticulous approach that is needed to be successful at the highest level. I’m afraid to show the hus.

We’ve been through the wettest spring in UK history, and now the worst September storm in 30 years continues to batter Britain. Smashing.


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