I’m Stateside. It’s Glorious.

Creature comforts. Until your favourite things are taken away, you honestly will have no appreciation for the dumb things you miss. Like a good sale at Target.

I’ve been driving my daddy’s pick-up truck y’all, making me feel 16 and pregnant. I’ve missed driving a manual, and well driving period.

Being spoiled is also a definite perk.

I want to share pics, but honestly I am still jet lagged and the ones I have are of cinnamon rolls and Dunkin Donuts. Priorities people.

And it’s race weekend! Norak, Roo and I are a four-man team. Signed up the whole fam today for a local race. Norak is knocking out the 15k, while the rest of us do 5K. Yee-haw. Cannot freaking wait.

And I officially broke my probation and bought something for Mr Baby. The first thing. How ridiculous?


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