Travel Essentials

International travel is loads of fun, let me tell ya. I now feel like a seasoned pro. I always try to remember to down as much water as possible on the plane (here’s to you aisle seat) and pack some healthy snacks for the journey. Some of my must-haves for getting through the long flight:

“Adult” coffee. I always try to save money during the week and brew my own coffee, but a nice proper cup of coffee before a flight always relaxes me.

Sleep mask. It’s bad enough people have to watch your head bob all over the place or see you with your mouth wide open, the least you can do is try to shield yourself.

Magazines. Another airport treat. Always helps pass the time.

Kindle. Enough said.

Layers, especially if I am going somewhere warm; I bring a wrap or jumper for the plane. It gets cold up there!


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