Now That’s What I Call European Living II

You moved? The reason we’re in a new terrace has a bit to do with the fact we were already living on top of each other.

We also moved because:

1. I refuse to give up closet space even for my first born.

2. We needed a proper space for in-laws guests.

3. The new place was close enough to walk our stuff over.

And some snaps for you jokers. Please note this place is massive – to us. 3 floors! A whole floor for guests complete with a proper bed and separate big bath. I think the sq footage is prolly the size of most Americano’s basements. I will say I adore living minimalist. If I had more space I’d fill it with more crap.

Guoffice (guest bedroom with an office en-suite)

Indy’s Pad

Oh, the nursery. Literally the only thing(s) in it:

And now you know.


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