European Vacay – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hello poppets. I apologise to both my readers for my prolonged absence. We took a holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Some say babymoon, I say it’s summer vacation.

Why Croatia? When we first learned we were heading to the UK we put this on the top of our list – the views, the weather, the culture, the stuff to do. Maybe the Three Sheets episode helped. Someone goes and gets knocked up so this trip was prioritised as a must-do.

It was such a relaxing, amazing trip. We stayed in an apartment with a spectacular view of the Old Town and Adriatic Sea, and had the pleasure of using all the accommodations of the neighbouring 5 star hotel. The food and wine were great, but it’s hard to compare anything to Italy. Andrew enjoyed the local beers like Pan and Ozujsko. I enjoyed the local gelato.

The water was crystal clear blue and cool “refreshing.” The tourists covered the beaches but there were local islands that you could play on. We headed to Lockrum a few days and managed to play in a lagoon and layout on the flat rocks that drop you right into the ocean. Andrew did the cliff jumping. The coolest part of being in the Adriatic is how you can swim in the sea without any fear of sharks, jellyfish or other creatures. And the sea is fairly calm. I am normally a pool girl but I had no problem feeling comfortable in the agua.

Our big adventure was renting sea kayaks. Andrew’s ONE big thing he kept saying he had to do. He signed us up for a three-hour tour. Had I read the fine print I would have seen this was a seven-hour excursion around the islands. He put my prego butt in one-man kayak and said see-ya. Well, not really, but I was solo. We ended up doing over 15km/10 miles. How many points do I get for this? I would have never in a million agreed but I’m glad I did it, I felt pretty proud of myself. We are grooming a true athlete here.

Let’s not forget the people. ATTN single men and women – the people of Croatia are gorgeous. Natural beauties. Hardly any make-up, no highlights, they’re tall, lean, tan,…I could go on. Must be the wine and cigarettes. So yea, awesome place to get stuck walking around with a buddha belly.

I have the most beautiful tan that will most like fall off by the time I head stateside in a few weeks. And yes, I rocked a two-piece. Let me tell you who doesn’t sale one piece bathing suit in August: Shrewsbury and Croatia.

I promise to share more, but as we are now in full on moving mode I don’t have any time to download my proper pics. Here’s some iPhone snaps that just isn’t going to do it justice.


Yep, our own private pool. Suckers!

A fedora and sunglasses will do wonders.

Town Walls

Celebrating the seven Croats that brought home gold in water polo.

Happy Hour

Lockrum Lagoon, peacocks free of charge

When you put your pregnant wife in a kayak by herself you require this much distance.


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