Halfway There

Bambino M will be here in a little over/under four months. Whenever he makes up his little mind.

If you think the past few months have flown by, you have no idea. Here’s a quick catch-up on how the first half of the prego process(?) has gone:

Good news: I can still wear my jeans with no band/stretching assistance. And it’s almost leggings season.
Bad news: I don’t know how much longer these jeans are going to make it. I’m on borrowed buttons time here.

Good news: I’ve been sober for 20 weeks.
Bad news: If anyone ever needed a drink to “take the edge of” it’s me. I’m one BIG edge.

Good news: I’m still running around 15 – 20 miles a week at a decent pace.
Bad news: You would think I was Ironman training. I have to work for each step. My body doesn’t relax until mile 3.

Good news: I don’t feel gigantic (yet).
Bad news: Andrew has to go to bed with the room smelling like a Jersey Shore tanning salon thanks to the amount of cocoa butter I slather on myself at night.

Good news: Starting to feel Baby M “cycle” in the womb.
Bad news: Norak still thinks it’s just gas.

Good news: I don’t have any cray crazy cravings.
Bad news: I’ve developed a taste for licorice. Black licorice, I don’t have time for red Twizzlers. Yep, the candy that everyone hates, unless you’re over 80.

Good news: I’ve learned not to fight the baby sleep thief. You pop right out of bed like a spring chicken even if it’s 4 AM.
Bad news: People question my emails/social updates coming at 11 PM EST/ 5AM GMT.

Best news: We’re happy and healthy.

As for the bump:

Photo on the left was taken the day after the photo on the right. Lycra tends to “hug” to my body, otherwise I am looking like I had a very big lunch. Waiting for my cute round bump to be a bit more proper.

I’ve online and window shopped for hours on end but still haven’t bought a thing for the bambino, but that will change once we’re settled in our new place. Thanks to my parents weekly packages we might not have to!



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