Olympic Sized Fun

Ok that title blows goats, but it’s Monday so get over yourself.

I adored the Olympic opening ceremonies. And of course we’re partial because we’re living in England, but I had a strange sense of pride watching the ceremony. I know many of y’all thought snoozefest, so let’s recap.

Three Reasons the Olympic Opening Ceremony Rocked:
1. The grassy hill they built, complete with live working sheep! England is, in my opinion, 90% countryside and 10% city (like you see in London). The mountainside honestly reminded us of where we live, Shropshire. Bit of history lesson, Lord of the Rings is based on Shropshire, which looks like Middle Earth, and the Industrial Revolution took place in a neighboring town of Telford. JRR Tolkien was from these parts.
2. James Bond & the Queenie. Come on, that was pretty cool.
3. Could you count all the British rock hits that played? Epic music from the UK.

Three Reasons the Olympic Opening Ceremony made me snooze:
1. Will they ever find a cool way to introduce the athletes?
2. The “tribute” to the NHS (National Health System) featuring the gigantic baby. Now you know why I had a fleeting moment to bolt once I found out we were preggars.
3. Lighting of the torch was so-so. David Beckham should have been on his little motor boat in his H&M undies.


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