One Year Bananaversary Across the Pond

Yep, on Sunday we celebrated our one year anniversary of living in the United Kingdom. Too much excitement this weekend.

The year has flown by and we’ve been able to truly experience some amazing things. I won’t bore you with the details, but you can check out the rewind here if you want.

We haven’t stopped adventuring since we landed on this crazy island and looks like our adventures are only going to pick up. It’s been a learning experience that certainly came with some pebbles in the road. We’ve only grown closer, and now I’ve fallen in love with the munchkin and it’s better this time than ever before.

In truth, just a few months ago when I found out we were pregnant I was the most homesick I have been since moving. Maybe it was because we were held up like animals in Noah’s ark, or the raging hormones, but I craved the simplicity of going back to the states and having everyone 100% normal the way I was accustomed to. Give me the big aisles of Costco, the smell of Target and large assortment of Betty Crocker baked goods. Then a funny thing happens where you decide you have to fully let go of what you are used to, realise that this isn’t some third world country and suck it up.

Thank you for following this stupid, crazy, random, often boring, journey of ours.

August will be a rush.

And y’all are way too sweet about the baby boy news. I can’t believe how many of you suckers cried! Crying is for girls, mwhaha.



    • damn – I just realized that’s an old picture, at first I thought this was after our hair conversation the other day. anyways, I like this hair cut!

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