Boy, Oh Boy!

I know many of our friends and family on the other side of the pond missed our big gender reveal party, so we made y’all a little present. And you can see what a crazy person I was for 24 hours…

On Friday we made our way to the ultrasound to do a little gender inspection. We told our Dr that we wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise, so she put the gender into an envelope. There was no sneaking a glance at all, we looked away when she was checking out the undercarriage.

Then it was 24 hours of absolute torture. I really wanted to know; didn’t sleep at all that night. And someone else knew, that drove me bonkers. We dropped of the envelope with our local baker and she was probably as excited as we were. Her job was to bake a cake with a neutral outside and the flavor of our baby on the inside. By the time our gender party gathering rolled around in the afternoon I was exhausted – no sleep and a 6 mile morning run will take a toll on a prego woman.

The cake was a-mazing. There was no way we could even cheat to see the color. We had a whole strategy to cutting the cake – try to make a big pie slice quickly.

Andrew sported blue to the part and never waivored on going “boy” the whole time. I was “boy” from the beginning until the ultrasound appointment. The Dr made a few comments that made me think girl. I wore pink and blue – need to be supportive.

Our friends placed their bets…

Andrew eventually forced me to cut the cake and pushed my hand down. I was incredibly nervous.

No sooner than we cut, we saw a bit of blue cake crumble out. And then we lost it.

That entire night I couldn’t focus, form thoughts, etc. I was wired. It was probably cooler than even finding out we were pregnant. We couldn’t be happier to welcome a baby boy this Christmas.

And now the trouble fun begins — shopping!!



  1. And the story of our grandson begins. So exciting. Can’t wait to hear the little cries of joy ( from him and me)..

  2. I am literally crying right now! Haha! So exciting! My baby days are over but starting & having a family are SO amazing!! So happy for you guys!!

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  4. Crying as I read this — Blue!!!! Little boys are so much fun — we’re so thrilled for the three of you!

  5. Awe!!! That’s so awesome! What a great way to reveal haha, thanks for recording an posting that! Congratulations!!!!

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